7 Super Solo Networks Reaching OVER 257,000 People..

Hello Friends, I just wanted to take the time today to share and pass on a text and banner ad exchange I have been using and testing.

Its called Simpletextadz, now what I like is the network solo ads they have to offer. I buy their network solo ads, they are very inexpensive and have been producing me some decent results. These are the ads I buy, because they are sent to many text ad networks membership bases. Simpletextadz it self only has like 900 members, but its connected with many other text ad sites with a membership in access of 257,000 People.

The more people you have viewing your ads the better, and Simple Text Adz is a great way to send email to thousands of people.

The click thru rate has been very good, and am getting a nice amounts of opt-ins with every send.

So just another traffic resource to add to your arsenal of marketing weapons..

You can join it here: Simple Text Adz

Have a great day and happy marketing!!

Together we all achieve more!

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