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If  Your Having Problems Or Need Questions Answered, throughout following any of my blog postings. There are a few options to consider. I told you that you would have the best online help available anywhere on the internet, and I wasn’t kidding.

1. You can contact me personally at: 

Click here to add me as a friend on Facebook

And on skype, my contact name is richard.weberg   I am in the United States

I have 14+ years marketing experience online and over 14 years of offline business experience. I have managed and run several different businesses over the years, everything from property management to owning retail stores, and now online marketing.

2. You can contact the website owner directly of any of the programs we are using  that you may have a question about or problem with. This is the best route to use when needing specific help fixing something in that account directly. They will have a help system with in your back office available to you.

Also Feel free to post any questions or comments you have directly related to any post, I will answer you.Please Take Advantage of the help that is available to you, and visit this blog often for updates.

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg


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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Richard, I have a book on a website I want to get traffic to. Is that something you know about and that could be cheap to obtain?

    • Yes, there are many inexpensive traffic sources I use and share on my pages here, just look under the header at the top, and click on my top traffic programs listed in the black bar..

      Richard Weberg

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