Learn Something New Everyday

We as people in general tend to like to procrastinate…we can
always do it tomorrow, and when we join new programs online we
tend to skip over the learning process, most have no idea the
amount of training some programs provide because they have never
taken the time to actually learn what they are really involved

I have learned this from personal experience, and by referring
tens of thousands of people to different programs, and then watching how
they try to promote the program themselves. Some people do not
even fill in their personal information after they join them, because
they do not bother to read and understand what the site can do
for them. Most are in such a hurry to start making money that
they skip over the most critical parts. I know I did this myself
my first two years online, I just thought it was all about
plastering links all over the place and the money would come
flowing in……well , it didn’t. I had to back track at that point,
and I realized after going through a bunch of training, that I
meant to go through 2 years ago, that I was doing everything
completely wrong! Actually nothing I did those first two years
brought me one lick closer to any of my goals.

I had to start from scratch, but I learned from my mistakes, and
started learning everything about online marketing I could.
Every program I joined I went through every link, video, blog
postings, and when they have a webinar I go…EVERYTHING! This
is how I became the top income earner and referrer to many
programs online.

If you are a student first, you will become the teacher and a
master of what you do.

1. Make it a habit to learn as much as you can about any program
you join, go through all the training they have (if they have
none get out of there!)

2. Make it a habit to learn some new skill everyday, whether its
learning how to make a hyper link, build your own banner, making
your first autoresponder series or creating your first website.
Just do something that is valuable that will bring you closer to
your goals. These skills you need to learn anyway, they are
fundamentals that are a must!

3. Do not let fear stop you in your tracks, do not procrastinate
because you don’t know how to do something yet. Example: If your
afraid to build your own website or blog…….this is something you
should tackle immediately. You will feel really good about
yourself for learning your new skills, and you will have a new
confidence about building your business when you take on your
fears. You will no longer just feel like an affiliate for
someone else, you will feel like a business owner and realize
you can do anything you set your mind to.

Learning, in the beginning, in the middle and yes in the end.
Learning a new skill everyday will help you reach your goals.

You know the saying, you can give a person a fish and they will
eat for a day, or you can teach a person to fish and they will
eat for a lifetime. Sometimes having everything done for us, is
not in our best interest. Actually it never really is.

Internet marketing has changed drastically over the last two
years alone, no longer are the days of just throwing some
traffic at the same old things works, you have to be creative,
and learn to develop YOU.
Remember that knowledge without following it up with action is
completely useless..

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To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg


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4 thoughts on “Learn Something New Everyday

  1. Very true richard, we sometime loose our focus and forget a lot of important steps, because we are caught in the get rich money fast mindset.

    But like you said, we need to learn something new and that is how we become a expert in a niche, learning, because a lot of marketer don’t like to read or take action.

    • Thanks Rafael for your great comments, it was when I got committed to learn the right process in making money online, that my own business really took off!

      And you are right, the one simple thing, but yet very difficult for people to do, is following through and taking action, if more people did, we would have an avalanche of success stories!

      To your success
      Richard Weberg

  2. Yes, Richard, you are right indeed, without a doubt. Procrastination leads to earning nothing, and no success, and for me i will admit, fear was on my mind, but I have to try.

    I always thought that making money on the internet was easy, but it is not, and it takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. We will only know our potential once we do the work.

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