Are You Diluting Your Traffic Exchange Advertising?

What do I mean? Are you advertising many different programs and pages at the same time??

100 credits for program xyz

100 credits for program abc

100 credits for program 123

Get it? Trying to advertise to many different things at once? This will actually take away from what you are trying to accomplish. You need a strong purpose and focus in your advertising, this is why list building is so important. When you use all your advertising credits for one main purpose……to add new subscribers to your list, you have one focus, one purpose, all your credits are being used for the same purpose. You will reach your goals ten times as fast this way. Once you have new subscribers on your list, you can easily send them an email introducing them to program xyz, abc, and 123 without having to dilute any of your marketing efforts. This is what the very smart and successful marketers do! I can tell you that 95% of all my new referrals come from my email marketing, not from trying to market the program directly.

Concentrating all your efforts towards one goal, one specific purpose, saves you time, energy……and money. My friend Dave Gray and owner of the OBA once told me. “The only way to succeed is to focus all of your available resources on promoting only one business. Any other approach is counter-productive and doomed from the outset.” This is what the super successful learn early on, they only have time enough to build one business “Their List”. If you are not building your email list and using all your credits for that one specific purpose, you are making a huge mistake!

Yesterday we talked about creating good relevant splash pages, now you put that together with list building and using all your traffic credits towards one purpose…….Now thats how you get amazing results!

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