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Just a reminder that our get together starts in just under
2 hours at 8m Eastern time!!

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Below is the email I sent earlier today!


You spoke and we are listening..

I admit, there are a lot of excited people with the
the launch of our Facebook Instant Income System.

And I also admit, with excitement comes “Hype”

And with “hype” comes skepticism..

So if you have some free time tonight at 8pm Eastern
please join us for a LIVE interactive webinar 🙂

We will have a very special guest with Terry Anglin
and Mark Call..

It is our V.P. of technology Richard Sedlak

What are we are going to do it take you “Beyond the Hype”
and show that we are ..

>> A REAL Company
>> With REAL Products
>> With REAL Customers (not just distributors)
>> With an AMAZING and REAL opportunity!

Do not get me wrong, excitement and hype are
a GREAT thing..

Provided they are backed by a REAL company
with REAL products and GOOD people!

Make sense?

Tonight Tuesday July 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern


“Beyond the Hype” come and meet our team!
To get the most out of tonight’s webinar please follow these
simple steps:

Step 1. Make sure you are a FREE member of our Facebook Group here


Step 3. Be sure to join us LIVE right here at 8pm Eastern time!

This is truly exploding, dont miss out!!
Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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