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Yes, I Love Blogging For Money!


Blogging for money is very simple and easy to do when done properly. It takes consistent daily action and learning a few simple task to do for every one of your blog post. But in general it is very simple and takes very little time if you understand how to do it properly. I have to admit I never learned how to get natural search engine traffic before, I just wrote to teach people what I had learned, and figured if I got some search engine traffic great, if not oh well, my blog still served its main purpose to teach others on my list how to make more money online.


Blogging for money increased my earnings

How I learned blogging for money happened on accident when I joined the empower network, the info they have taught me about blogging has been extremely beneficial, because not only did my search engine traffic more than triple so did my money earned from my effort. Just a few simple tweaks is all it took. You really dont have to sit and study seo and learn a bunch of special programming skills, just write a little differently and add a few tweaks here and there. This is so simple-easy that anyone can do this.

Rank In The Search Results for Powerful Keywords and Make Money Blogging.


Blogging for money essential tools

In my opinion, your must have tools for blogging for money, are a wordpress blog, which are push button easy to set up. I host my blogs with hostthenprofit simple easy to set up a new blog, and its a really great money program. The other tool is provided in my blog hosted with the empower network, I WISH I NEW ABOUT THIS LITTLE GEM A LONG TIME AGO. I USE IT FOR ALL MY BLOGS NOW.  So I have my own hosted blogs with hostthenprofit and I also have one hosted with the empower network.

You also need products or programs that cost money in order to make money blogging. The empower network has really taught me a lot about blogging for money and how to properly do it, plus they have some really great products that have increased my money big time!

Here are the links to the tools I use when blogging for money..


Empower Network


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