Brisk Surf…The New Traffic Exchange Model

I ran across a new traffic exchange yesterday while surfing called BriskSurf, and what caught my eye on the splash page was this..

The Simpler Traffic Exchange.
BriskSurf is here to do one thing: to make every minute count.
All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your click rates go through the roof!
So I decided to join and check it, and I loved what I saw while surfing….Your whole page shows, there is no top bar, no side bar, no chat, absolutely nothing really that takes away from your ad.
They really have made it unique…and this is extremely important, this feature will set it apart from other traffic exchanges, and this alone will increase conversions, because your ad is the FOCUS.
I really love Brisksurf features I have seen and used so far, and will be recommending this to everyone as another source to drive traffic and visitors to your sites and opt-in pages….
I wish more sites were like Brisk surf, in that your ad is the focus, no distracting objects hanging around to take focus off of your ads.
Join Me Today, and get more traffic to your business!!
This Traffic Exchange will grow very fast…More eyeballs to see You
P.S. If your not going to surf it and get your ads exposed, do not join it, all good things require action.
Richard Weberg






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