Can Traffic Exchanges Profit Results Be Better Than Google Adwords?

Can Traffic Exchanges Profit Results Be Better Than Google Adwords?

Some of you reading this might find it hard to believe that traffic exchanges could provide far better results than Google Adwords. At first I would have said no way, but after using traffic exchanges with an effective marketing system I changed my mind real fast. I now know where I would spend my time and money to get results and profit with my online business. Lets compare Google Adwords and traffic exchanges and see what the plus and minuses are so you can make your own opinion.

First lets discuss Google Adwords and how it essentially works, basically you open up a Google account enter in you information and then set up your first campaign. This will involve creating your ads and choosing some good keywords people would search for your website or product you are offering. Now you would continue on to billing so you can set a budget and fund your account. You are bidding on keywords, basically paying per click, every time some body clicks on one of your ads, your account will be debited a certain amount of money for that click. It dosn’t matter if they buy something or not. The price you pay per click will depend on the keywords you have chosen according to their popularity. Sound’s Pretty simple dosn’t it? What about the return on investment (roi) or your profit?

Well let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Adwords

1.IT seems simple to set up and get started
2.You can fund it immediately to get your campaign started
3.Your traffic will increase to your site
4.It dose not take much work once you have it set up, just keep adding money
5.Collect your profit

Actually it dose not quite work that way, their are very expensive courses written on how to profit with Google Adwords, some have even sold for hundreds of dollars. Why, because it can be really complex to figure out how to turn a profit or get a positive return on your investment. So how does it really work?

First you must carefully research keywords that people will use to find your product or website, and find ones that could be cost effective for what you are trying to sell or offer, remember you pay per click and that cost varies depending on the popularity of your keywords.

You will need to test your ads to see how they perform, this process alone could cost you a lot of money before you find out what will work best to actually turn a profit. This can be a very complex process to find a price point of how many clicks it will take on average before you see one single sale or return on your investment. You must keep repeating this process with any product or offer, if you wish to continue profiting with Google Adwords, the more money you make the more it will cost you to turn larger profits.

So what are some of the disadvantages to marketing with Google Adwords?

1.People on low budgets who don’t have much money to invest will not be able to use this as a marketing solution for building an online business.

2.You may run out of money before you ever get the testing done, hence never profit.

3.It takes money to make more money, if you spend it all ,the profits will stop.

4.The formula for figuring out your return on investment is very complex, finding the right priced keywords, pricing on your product or offer compared to price your paying per click, the number of visitors you need to make one sale, how many visitors you need to make a profit, how much of a budget do you need to make a certain amount of money.

5.You have to risk your money on marketing before you profit.

6.Google isn’t going to pay you for your effort with marketing your business.

Myself personally, I cant really see a positive advantage for the average person who comes online with the hopes of building a business to use Google Adwords unless they all ready have a lot of money to begin with and know how to effectively advertise?

Now lets take a look at traffic exchanges and how they work. Basically you join a few traffic exchanges, fill in your information, add a url to your website or splash page. You will then view other people’s websites in your web browser in exchange for people viewing yours. They are free to join and are based on a credit system, you get credits for viewing other people’s websites and offers, you then assign those credits to your urls so other people can view yours. Actually a very simple process, nothing complex to figure out.

Now on to the advantages and disadvantages of traffic exchanges.

1.They are free to join and use, this makes them very cost effective and also provides a great incentive for new people to join them. You can surf as long as you want and get traffic to your site absolutely FREE! It never has to cost you one dime.

2.Extremely simple to set up and operate, my son is eleven years old and has surfed some of the traffic exchanges I am a member at for fun.

3.You will get traffic to your site free

4.You can build down lines in them and create residual traffic, once you have enough active downline you will start to build credits without doing anything. This traffic is free so you are actually getting paid with free traffic.

5.You can upgrade for a small fee and get monthly credits that you do not have to surf for (its a set cost)

6.Traffic exchanges will pay you for referring new members that upgrade or buy credits

7.If you upgrade you get paid larger commissions on your referrals and their traffic

8.If you refer enough new members eventually your traffic will reproduce itself on its own

9.It only takes a few of your referrals to upgrade and your upgrade is paid for, hence all your traffic is free

10.Traffic exchanges offer you unlimited customers, new people join them everyday, they are very targeted leads, the thousands of people that join them everyday are opportunity seekers and other webmasters, these people look to buy products and services

11.They are available to anyone, you don’t have to have money, its free traffic as long as you want it that way

Now hold on before you start running out and joining a bunch of traffic exchanges, I need to tell you the downside too….otherwise it wouldn’t be fare. Well, I guess now that I’ve thought about it when comparing traffic exchange results to Google Adwords I can’t really see a downside. Yes they do take time to use if you are surfing as a free member, and there is a correct way to advertise in them to get results. But hey, their still free, they pay you for referrals and if you take a little time to figure out how to advertise in them, the possibilities are endless without the need to have a huge budget set a side to advertise. Think about it, you get to advertise your business or offer absolutely free for as long as you want with no complex formulas to figure out, and you don’t need any money to get started!

All told some people do have great success with Google Adwords, it can take a lot of trial and error before you ever see results or profits. That trial and error could end up costing you a lot of money before you even get your business off the ground. I personally have used Google Adwords and other similar type marketing sites in the past and had very poor results, I ended up losing money each time. I was also using traffic exchanges and was spending a lot of time clicking for credits, I was getting some results but not the type of money I was looking to make, eventually I subscribed to one of my friends email marketing series about traffic exchange marketing and it opened up my eyes to a whole new way to use them and get big results! I would fully recommend traffic exchanges over Google Adwords anyday, knowing now what there truly capable of.


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