Clixsense…It just makes Sense..?

Hello my friends, I hope your day is going well..

I wanted to pass on a program today I have been a
member of for years, it is called Clixsense.

I have ran my ads on this site now for over 5
years straight, my ads actually run 24/7 365 days
a year.

Now for me this is the main reason I use this
site, is to advertise my squeeze pages, and use it
to build my email list.

Many other people use this site to make money, by
participating in their paying activities.

PTC Ad Clicks

ClixSense Offers and Surveys

CrowdFlower Tasks

Yes Clixsense will pay you to do simple task, and
is completely free to join.

So there are many ways Clixsense can benefit you.

Here is a video I did that will show you how I use
the site to get my own ads seen for my different

Anyway, it is a great site no matter how you use
it, I have made money from it passively, for over
5 years straight!

There are two very well known marketers now
promoting this site heavily, Stone Evans and
Jeremy Schoemaker, they learned my secret, I
learned about clixsense years ago..

That it pays very well, and the advertising

Richard Weberg

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2 thoughts on “Clixsense…It just makes Sense..?

    • I mostly use it to purchase traffic from, so I refer tons of people to clixsense who also purchase traffic, so I have literally made thousands of dollars from clixsense.
      It has been a very inexpensive lead source. (I do not click for pennies..)

      Thanks for your comments
      Richard Weberg

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