Creating Good Relevant Splash Pages Is Key!

Yes, creating good relevant splash pages will increase your success. This is your lead into your autoresponder. So be creative and think about it as solving a problem. What do people need and want when they are viewing sites in traffic exchanges and safelist? They are not looking for pills, lotions or potions…….and certainly not pink elephants. lol

Today while surfing some of my favorite traffic exchanges, I noticed some ones page that came up, that was advertising woman’s scarves. Now I have nothing against building a business that involves selling woman’s scarves, but a traffic exchange is no place to advertise them in, this is not what people are looking for that are surfing the exchanges. People surfing traffic exchanges are looking for more money and more traffic, so anything you advertise should focus around helping them get more of both. Where ever you advertise at, make sure what you are advertising is relevant and there is a market there to sell to.

I Also noticed a lot of people’s pages not loading, remember you only have so much time to capture your viewers attention, usually under 20 seconds, so you want a very fast loading page (A splash page or squeeze page), not an entire webpage loaded with tons of graphics and such, it wont load fast enough for most.

Make sure to use Catchy bold or highlighted headlines, always brand yourself with a picture of you and your real name, create more then one splash page, to test and find out which ones work best, then focus on the ones that pull in the best results. Remember you are trying to build a real business, and just throwing up any old thing is not going to work, it takes time to learn how to get the results you desire.

Just because there are sites out there that tell you, that you can make 3 grand in 6 months, dosnt mean its the truth, developing a real income online takes time, learning and effort.

Two great site’s for creating good splash pages are Instantsplash and Adkreator, very simple to use and create page’s.

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