Day 40, Isn’t It Time For A Change?

My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 40

Let me ask you these three very simple and easy questions, they are rather important.

1. Is Your advertising working?

2. Are you making lots of money?

3. Are you building your email list?

Click this link below, and see the splash pages I built today with instantsplash.

Think it will work? Copy them if you like…

Here is another one I made with clickvoyager.

I am serious about those three questions, most internet marketers will answer those three questions, all with a NO. Well some people think they are building there list, you are only building your list when you are sending leads to an autoresponder that you pay for, and control when you send messages, and only you send them. I am not talking about one of those list builders that the list is shared by 6500 other people, I am talking about a list that is just yours. Those three questions, are the exact reasons why I have set up my blog the way I have, with the steps on the right hand side to follow each day. Those steps teach you and help you set up a totally complete marketing system, there is nothing left out. Well, there is still one thing left out, “Your Effort” nobody else can supply this.

Now there is no denying that traffic exchange and safelist marketing works exceptionally well, when used in conjunction with some good splash pages and an autoresponder.  Having a marketing system in place that converts traffic into leads, then into sales, dosnt hurt either( by marketing system I am referring to your autoresponder letters, programs and training). Once you have all of your system set up, all it takes is consistently driving ongoing daily traffic to all of your splash pages.

Yep, that is where you come in, work, work, work, everyday “Your Effort”. You will drive the traffic, either by buying traffic or upgrading in traffic exchanges and safelist and or manually working for it. I do both, I like free, but I am smart enough to leverage my time and increase my commissions. This is how I came up with my 30 day traffic exchange challenge, most people flounder around each day and do not focus there effort to one purpose, creating ongoing daily traffic. In not having a focus, traffic building, they never really build enough consistent traffic on a daily basis to really get any results. It takes a lot more traffic than most people want to believe, they expect results from a 100 visitors, wont never happen, not with any traffic source, if it worked that way everyone would be rich that attempts online marketing. See I didnt start my blog or my 30 day traffic exchange challenge just to help myself, I have seen a lot………..I mean a lot of people struggle online, trying to make any money, let alone most of them a single sale.  I wanted to create a site that was different than most, I have never seen another site yet, where the owner of the site publicly follows and does exactly what he is teaching, and post his actual results everyday. See what I do everyday, my blog, is completely transparent. I really from my heart want others to become successful with there business, I just dont tell you to join some program because its great, I actually show you how to use it, what pages I use, everything, if I get little results one day I share it. I do not want anybody reading my blog to have false hopes or ideas that building an internet business is always simple and easy, because it is not. (There are way to many sites that give false hopes already, lies actually)

Most of you reading this will never see the kind of results in a year, I have had in the last 40 days. Not because you cant, but because you wont do the work, or invest in your business. Your vocabulary is filled with I cant, I cant do that, I do not have enough time, this is the reason you need to find your “Why”. If you do not, you will never make internet marketing work, you will seek out every business online that claims there is an easier way, and eventually get sick of it and quit. News flash, there is no easier way, None!

I ask you, Isn’t It Time For A Change?

Step up to the plate, and take on my challenge with me. You do not have to join any coaching club and pay for help, I am going to help you for free every step of the way. You do not have to use my goals, the idea is to set up a action plan for you to follow for thirty days in a row, and
work with me each day, by posting your completed task, what you got accomplished and any results, and then converse back and forth through blog postings and email, to tweak things for you as we go along. The problem I see with most new people, is they do not use some one to guide them along and use an action plan that is checked everyday to keep there goals focused.  The idea of a marker or goal, is to set something that is a little bit of a stretch to work towards. Are you coach-able and can you hold your self accountable?

I hope you decide its time for a change…

Now it is time to hold my self accountable and show you what I did today.

1. I surfed 13 traffic exchanges for a total of 220 clicks in each, give or take a few.

2. I sent out email ads to 5 different safelist today, and clicked for more credits in each.

3. It is never to late to start!! I am still working on finding my 3rd person to take on this challenge with us. I know you have it in you..Please
come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there..

4. I completed my blog posting today honoring my commitment for today.

Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post 30 day Traffic exchange challenge. If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, any goals that you have, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort. I will be here to help you, every step, every day.

My results for this fine day are, I added 13 new subscribers to my email list, 2 new TE Profits members, 1 new 10K Team member, I got paid from TE Command Post, plus several traffic exchange referrals and commissions.

See sometimes the internet is very slow, so the results can be much slower, it can seem like you are working for nothing,  other days there is tons of activity and it will seem almost effortless to get good results……….shhhhh….. Here is the secret, being active everyday building traffic, as to not miss the easy days. Sometimes people take way to many days off, and are extremely inconsistent and then wonder why they are never getting any results??? And guess what, they missed all the easy days..

Until tomorrow my friends

Your Success And Happiness As Always


Richard Weberg

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