Do Safelist Really Work?

I have been using safelist for quite along time and have always had good results from them. I had learned early what you can and can not advertise in them to get results and sales. In order for safelist marketing to work you can not just advertise any old thing you want. I am going to list below some of the main marketing techniques you must use in order to get better results.

I know a lot of you have used safelist in the past only to get dismal results, actually getting sales from safelist you have to use a marketing approach you may or may not understand yet. Most peoples response is to advertise main product pages for there websites or affiliate programs, this I can tell you will not work! So here are some of the things that will help you increase your sales and finally get results from them.

**You need two good email addresses, one for your contact email and one for your subscribe email. I recommend using gmail for your subscribe email and then setting up email filters for all your email. Anybody who is serious about making more money online should be setting up email filters……it will save you oodles of time.

Here is a link to a post I did on email filters and how to set them up.    Setting up email filters

1. You must use safelist to build your email marketing list, email marketing is the only way to create long term wealth online. So you need an autoresponder. This is one tool that EVERY successful marketer uses. Trafficwave is the best in the business, and has the best affiliate pay. If you are not building a email list priority number one , You are a fool! You might as well forget it and quit now.

2. You either need to create a splash or squeeze page where people can sign up for more information. One that will grab their attention. Remember most people who are viewing your safelist ad are other marketers, and what are they looking for? We use the TE profits Splash and squeeze pages

3. You should track your ads to see which ones are performing better, this way you can monitor your results and tweak your ads. Vitalviral is one of the simplest to use, and has some other fantastic features!

4. You need to manage them well, so as not to miss any opportunities to send out your ads. Each safelist has a different set amount of days that you have to wait before you can send out your ad again. Viralmailprofits is a great tool for managing your safelist and keeping you organized.

5. Dont use the same headline in every ad, that you send out in one day. Some email providers will group exact messages together as one email.  However, the key to safelist advertising is having an attention grabbing, curiosity generating headline. This may have been given out before on the OBA Forum (for those of you that are all ready a member) but here is a very cool free tool that I use to check out the potential effectiveness of a safelist headline.

Here is a good example on how a slight tweak of a simple headline can
have a huge impact on your success.

Here is an example of a headline and their associated scores… after just a little change

“Three reasons you will never succeed online.” (57.14 – pretty decent)

“Three reasons you will never succeed.” (66.67 – big improvement)

“Top three reasons you will never succeed.” (71.43 – sweet!!)

The moral of the story is that a killer headline can generate a lot more traffic than a poorly written one. Using safelist for marketing can be very effective when you know what you are doing. Some of you reading this blog may have your own websites or products and may be just  looking for help full hints to improve your results. Others of you are probably more like I was, I didnt want to have to create products ,learn copy writing or mess with any technical stuff.  I just wanted to find a successful system that I could plug my self into that would teach me step by step on how to create long term wealth online. This is what this blog is dedicated to, teaching people step by step and then helping them master the skills they need to be successful online.

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    • Yes, dont worry about the affiliate program, if you dont have a marketing plan you will never make any money no matter what. This website will help you build your email marketing list and teach you how to make profits everyday into your paypal account. Once you understand its the marketing not the affiliate program you will be on your way to profits everyday.

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