Do You Want The Good News Or The Bad News First?

Okay, the bad news is, the recording of the webinar didnt work, we were having some glitches, and it did not work…UGG..Technology, got to love it, and hate when it fails us….

Now for the good news, well not so good news for me, because I went and spent two more hours trying to make a video with the same, and a little more information on it 🙂

Just finished uploading it to youtube. Didnt want to disapoint, the people who wanted to be there that could not attend, and wanted the recording..

If you are not building your list with an autoresponder your are making a huge mistake, and in this video you will also learn something that will affect all email marketers and most do not even know this yet, it is a change in how email providers handle your mail received sent by commercial autoresponders, So I implore you to watch this video all the way through to not miss this critical information..

I also cover the new product launch coming up for leverage live (I did not know about the launch of this product, they only shared it at the pureleverage conference with us). I will send a email later tonight that covers this new pureleverage product and its compensation plan…EXTREMELY AWESOME!

Also Reliable Reach will be launched in the next two weeks, they had to delay this to tweak some of the emailing capabilities in reference to how email providers handle email..

If your not a member of pureleverage and GVO, you are truly, really, honestly making a massive mistake!!

The things they have coming out are poised to help you make an absolute killing online!! There is no commission structure that pays the way they do..

Take Action Now..

Richard Weberg

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