Even free members get monthly ad packages

My good friend Bo Tipton has just launched Surf Girl Traffic, his own
mailer and traffic exchange in one program,
and this one dares to be different!

Bo has been marketing online for a long time,
and will always over deliver, his new marketing
site Surf Girl Traffic, you will be able to depend on to deliver results!

You can:

* Earn upgrades by referring
* Trade your credits for advertising
* Even free members get monthly ad packages
* Earn cash in the PTC area
* 5 second surf
* Cash solo ads
* Credit mailer

Get your free ad pack today, and see what
Surf Girl Traffic can do for you.

Use promo code: attheend and get more traffic!


Richard Weberg

p.s. SurfGirlAds are sold by number of clicks,
not number of views! Your credits will last

Let connect and be friends!

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