Free Members Don’t Make shit!

Yes, you read that right, sounds pretty vulgar hey? But it got your attention didnt it?

Well its time for another No bullshit post.

Would you like to make an extra $2,000 a month? Well you better start doing some math then, take your favorite free program that you are a member of, and havnt upgraded in yet.

Lets say you get paid 40% on a $40 upgrade or product buy from your referral, how many would you have to refer that upgrade or buy in order to make $2000 a month?

Well, 40% of $40 dollars is $16 bucks, so that means you would have to refer 125 people that upgraded or purchased the $40 product or upgrade in a month, to earn $2000 dollars. How close are you to earning your $2000 this month? I bet most of you reading this havnt even earned your first $16 dollars yet….am I right, let a lone $2000.

How about next month??? I think you might want to quadruple your time your spending especially if you have not made your first $16 dollars yet..

For most of you reading this, $2000 dollars a month is an extremely far fetched number and you will NEVER make that amount marketing online….What YOU SAY?

Yes, you read that right too, there is a reason why………and you already know it, its called commitment and belief, your to afraid to get committed to your programs and upgrade in them, and most importantly your afraid to build your list and sell. But guess what until you finally make a decision that your not afraid anymore, you will not make jack squat!

Big hint: Upgraded members get higher commissions so they make more money, the more your invested in yourself and your business, the harder you will try and the longer you will go before you quit.  Hence, gives you a much higher chance of succeeding! If you have nothing invested or very little, who cares if you quit, you certainly wont….


Earning online is not hard, but you make it difficult by not doing things in a way that actually work, you keep thinking you know a better way, and I will tell you again, there isnt, and you dont.

Build a list of leads, then you promote programs that work, that you are COMMITTED TO (upgraded in) and you sell what you are doing, it dosnt work any other way. If you think you are going to build in a program over time by referring one person a month, you better get real, most people you refer will quit long before you build any momentum, plus your showing them the wrong way to build their own business.

So how far do you really think you will be in twelve months, referring 1 person or 2 a month to your favorite programs? You guessed it you will be where you are right now….NO WHERE!


There are some people who will sugar coat everything and lie to you, because they desperately need you to stay in their programs. You will not get that from me, I want you to make money, tons of it, for yourself! I already know how to make money online, and have several systems working for me, I made more money this year and spent less time online, I spent the most of the spring, summer and fall rebuilding my entire home and adding on to it. When you have the proper systems in place you can do this. Trying to build a online business without a system or plan……..PLEASE GIVE UP NOW, YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME, IT WONT WORK!


Build your own Damn list! Create you own content, websites and blogs, take action and sell…

There is no other way….

If you do not understand after reading these no bull shit post I wrote,  you never will….


here is a link to number 4 if you have not read them all yet.

number 4


I will teach you the right way, if you want to learn how


Richard Weberg

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