Get 30% More Free Credits for Your Traffic Exchange Clicks

Here’s the easy instructions to get 30% more Free credits from your traffic exchange surfing 😀

If you have any questions, please ask!

You need to be a member of each of these, here’s how if
you’re not already

Join TECommandPost


Tezak Traffic Power



Then go log into your TE CommandPost, enter your IDs for these
4 TEs into the TrafficExchanges section. Remember to click
on Save Referral IDs at the bottom. (As a free member, you
can enter your ID for a total of 10 Traffic Exchanges, so be sure these 4
are among the ones you choose)

After you have entered all your IDs for these 4 TEs, go here
and follow the easy steps.
This part took less than 20 seconds!

These exchanges all have a large membership base (lots of
people to see your sites) and often give extra perks on
top of the 30%.

To Your Success And Happiness

Richard Weberg

P.S. There’s a splash page you can use AFTER you add the IDs
to the TrafficExchanges at TECommand Post. Test yours to be sure
they’re yours! You will find this under Commando Tools, down
the left side of your home page.

Let connect and be friends!

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