Getting Referrals On Autopilot Now Even Easier

Sorry about the delay on getting some more information out about Vitalviralpro, the site is now revamped and better than ever! I had a hard time accessing the site for a while, there was no problem with vital viral pro, it had to do with my internet provider, they finally fixed their problems, thank God!

The site was a great marketing tool before and now its even better, the interface was a little hard to understand, Troy Wray has made some incredible improvements to the site and its navigation he also added some very unique twists.

If anyone wishing to learn how to recruit new referrals to any program is operating  with out a downline builder you are missing out on one of the greatest ways to build massive free traffic and put your recruiting efforts on autopilot! Troy Wray of vitalviralpro has made it even easier now.  A downline builder is a system that effortlessly cross-promotes traffic exchanges and other marketing programs so that people who join you in one will join you in some or all of those you’re a member of, all by promoting one link!

Now Vitalviralpro isnt your typical downline builder, VitalViralPro has continually evolved and innovated including being the first system anywhere to automatically track campaigns! It will track all of your efforts and tell you what traffic programs you are using are performing the best. When you create a campaign in VitalViralPro, you simply tell the system what URL you want to promote and it automatically creates a unique link for that campaign that will look like this (example)

When you promote that link on any traffic exchange (or any other traffic programs), the system will automatically track for you!! No need to insert tracking links, no need to use different links on different exchanges – it’s all done for you. See you dont have to constantly create different tracking links like most tracking programs.

But the most exciting change is the introduction of the new membership levels… they jump from 2 to 5 levels of membership, spanning totally free to fully paid and including the real innovation – non-dollar upgrades, what a fantastic idea!! Non-dollar upgrades are the new silver and gold levels where members that don’t want to pay dollars pay in kind for their upgrade!! This is a clever idea for various reasons – Read more about it inside the members area.

I can not say enough good things about vitalviralpro, I love this marketing tool………it has helped me create a landslide of free traffic and referrals to my favorite traffic programs as well as saved me tons of time and effort. We use it with Real Traffic Exchange Profits, now you can use it with any business you wish to promote.

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    • Thanks for your post, and I write everything myself from my own experiences with making money online. I only post about it, if I am all ready doing it and have had success with it.

      To Your Success And Happiness
      Richard Weberg

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