Global NPN And The Power Of 1

As Most of you all ready know, Global NPN is part of the TE Profits system and The OBA. It is another phenomenal Legitimate Home Businesses Opportunity. If You Havnt joined yet through your ad space in your back office of the (OBA) Online Business Alliance read below to see how the power of 1 can help produce yet another fabulous income stream.

If You are all ready a member of the OBA make sure you join NPN through your back office of the ad space lease program in the OBA. If your not part of the adspace lease program your making a HUGE mistake.  This is an income addition to the OBA program that is unlike anything else you have ever seen on the internet.

For Those of you are not yet members of the OBA,   you can join by clicking here now or by following the steps on the right hand side of this blog.

Global NPN History
“Launched in April of 2005, The NPN has provided online marketers with the most complete suite of tools and systems in existance.” “Launched in April of 2005, The NPN is one of the most established and stable LONG-TERM online business opportunities in existance, providing ESSENTIAL marketing tools that all online marketers need to have in order to be successful. Do NOT make the mistake of passing this one up as many did over 3 years ago when we began..”

Still Making History
We don’t let our site “fall behind the times”. We are always updating, upgrading, and thereby improving your NPN experience. We listen to our members and if there’s a product or system that they need, and if the demand is there, we build it. If improvements can be made, we’ll make them. The NPN is a constant work-in-progress which means we don’t let anything or anyone fall behind.

… And into the Future.. YOUR future..

Along with our “fantastic” product suite, you can now earn up to $150.00 per sale, per month, with the NPN’s unique “Ladder Step Earning System”! There is nothing else like this on the planet. Period. Start small, build fast, climb the ladder, earn BIG! There’s NOTHING stopping you from earning a great monthly income while using the BEST marketing products on the planet…–>

The NPN Product Suite
Nowhere else on the internet can you gain “inclusive” access to so many unique and “must-have” marketing tools! Designed and programmed in-house, our online product suite is simply more extensive and more complete than any other product package out there. Our “Ladder Upgrades” allow you to choose which products you want access to, and what your limits are.

* NPN MultiSponder!
* NPN List Marketer PRO!
* NPN Capture Page Creator!
* Full Ad Tracker System!
* URL Rotator!
* NPN Browser Toolbar!
* Referral Distribution System!
* Multi-Downline Builder!
* Unlimited Banner Impressions!
* NPN Messaging System!
* NPN eCertificates!
* NPN Profile Pages!
* Downline Mailer!
* Audio / Video Chatrooms!
* Support Ticket System!
* + More!

The Power of 1

Click Here To See A Video That Will illustrate to you the amazing amount of money you can make from your NPN Business after only 1 year of membership, and how simple it really is.

The incredible thing about this is that these numbers are based on your ability to recruit just 1 new member per month! Just 1 new member each month that duplicates that simple task. What really needs to be realized here is the fact that with very little effort over a period of time, you can make more money than you ever thought possible – Just 1 member per month, that’s all! As you can see below I’ve highlighted month 12 at around $50,000 per year!  After that… well.. you can see that it really just grows exponentially on it’s own.

It does NOT take a lot of effort to recruit just 1 member every month to a $10 program and have them stick with it. Just think if you and your group could do 2, 3, or 5 members per month..

***This is another income program that being a member of the (OBA) Online Business Alliance will automatically get built by participating in the adspace lease program in your back office of the OBA, AWESOME isnt it!

When you lease AdSpace #1, you position your business to see increased profits based on the actions of other people. There are two ways for that to happen.

1.) Your business will see increased profits as your OBA customers lease AdSpace #1 from you.

2.) Your business will see increased profits as all of your AdSpace #1 lease customers refer their first AdSpace #1 lease customers to you to complete the terms of their lease.

When you joined NPN from the link in AdSpace #1 and replaced that link with your own link to NPN, you positioned your business to see increased profits (again, based on the actions of other people) in five more ways.

3.) Your business will see increased profits as your AdSpace lease customers join NPN from your link in AdSpace #1.

4.) Your business will see increased profits as the people in your OBA “upline” build their OBA businesses… whether or not they have joined NPN.

5.) Your business will see increased profits as your NPN upline adds new NPN sign-ups, some of which could become “spill-over” into your NPN group.

6.) Your business will see increased profits as the people in your OBA group build their OBA businesses… whether or not they’ve joined NPN.

7.) Your business will see increased profits as your NPN downline adds new NPN sign-ups, which builds your NPN group.

The NPN is just another great reason why, TE Profits And The OBA  are such a powerful income builder and asset to your online success.

We Can Do This Together and Get You Free!
To Your Success And Happiness


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