Got My First Sales with the Empower Network On Sunday!

Well, Sunday I got my first sales with the Empower Network, love it so far, incredibly simple and easy to follow instructions for anyone regardless of experience. As most oy you reading this know I am not new to internet marketing and I have been doing this for almost 8 years now, but with the Empower Network all I am doing is following their instructions, because I want to make sure newbies can get results, so far so GREAT! The training is awesome.


I am still busy working on my house and also have found a new contractor since I fired my old one, so hoping in another ten days everything around here will be completely back to normal. Hard to work online with cutting and pounding going on around you, not to mention all the new wiring isnt quite done yet…almost though. Cant wait for the house to be finished, and can have my desk back, much more comfortable.


Keep on a blogging and building your list, that is the ticket to financial freedom online.

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To Your Success And Happiness

Richard Weberg

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