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Hello Everyone
This is just a Quick Alert about a very interesting Advertising Resource that I just discovered.

While my house is still being rebuilt I am keeping my eyes open for good Advertising
Resources for when I return fulltime. House is almost done….thank God!

And I think I have found one worth trying out.

Buy Website Traffic

Advertise on the ClixSense Network

Advertise your website, blog or affiliate links with Clixsense and let the power of the ClixSense network work for you!

More than 2 million registered members worldwide are eager to see what you have to offer. More than 50 million ad views per month and with several advertising options available to you,  you will find the right campaign that suits your marketing needs. ClixSense offers affordable and lower than industry standard advertising rates.


ClixSense is an industry proven method that allows website publishers and affiliates of every size or budget to direct targeted and unique traffic to their website. This is the same system that the largest online retailers in the world take advantage of for their advertising needs. ClixSense offers this opportunity to every web merchant whether you are a start up business with a minimal advertising budget or if your business is already established but you are desiring additional web exposure.

Clixsense is fantastic for UNLIMITED USA/CAN/AUS/UK traffic
You can also get UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE traffic from Clixsense
Sign up for an account then click advertize then click manage my
ptc advertizing.
Once payment is approved all you need to do next is Click Assign
Ad Credits To This Advert (YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE AD)
I also just purchased a link on their clixgrid game for 17.00, in one day I received 584 clicks and 569 uniques, now I get 29 more days of traffic for that 17.00, OUTSTANDING! And I did nothing but purchase a link spot, and copy and pasted my url for my squeeze page. Thats it!

Clixsense worked for me, I will continue to use it as part of my marketing programs!


Richard Weberg

Thanks and I will keep you updated on other unique advertising resources as I come across them while
getting my house finished up.

Have a great afternoon or evening (depending on where you are!)


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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