Had To Fire My House Contractor Today

As most of you know I have been working on my home the last several months, so I have not been as active online. We had to have all our wiring redone throughout the entire house, so being online has been an extreme challenge. Today I had to fire one of my main house contractors because he was not showing up at all anymore. I hated to do so, because we are also good friends, very tough.


So I will have to spend much of today trying to find a new one, hopefully I find some one soon, cant wait for our home to return to normal. Well, we are not what you would call normal, but anyway get the house finished so we can be able to fully function in it, and also improving the value of my home with the use of tips from sites as Tidy Tennessee that have the best resources for this. I never realized when I made the decision to add on to my house that it would entail gutting the whole damn thing as well! It has been one challenge after another, but I guess life would be boring  if it wasnt for some kind of challenges, right? It is the same with network marketing, it is what challenges us that makes us better.


I just wanted to at least make sure I got my marketing and blog post done for the day…and say I am super stoked about the Empower Network!

If you have any questions or concerns about this post or any other information on this blog please comment or contact me. I love comments!



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3 thoughts on “Had To Fire My House Contractor Today

  1. I’m right with you dad. I can’t wait for the house to be finished, it’s going to look great. I checked out the Empower Network it seems pretty reliable, going to look into it more.

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