Happy New Year…Wish everyone the very best in this new coming year

Happy, Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the very best in this new coming year……

If there is one thing that we all could learn to do better, is to treat others with more kindness and respect, and realize how important our friends and family are.

Learning to say I am sorry when we have done something wrong or to forgive those who have hurt us are sometimes the hardest things to do, but we would all be better off as people if we could do it more often.

Life can be short…Every second we are here does matter, and what we do impacts other people, so make the most of the time we do have and dont waste it hurting other people.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest attributes you can have…We have all hurt someone at some time, so if we all could learn to forgive the world would be a much better place.

Having anger all bottled up inside dosnt help anyone including ourselves who are angry, forgiving releases the anger and the hurt, and only then we can move on….

Happiness truly come from within, its a choice……so start your new year off right and celebrate the gift of life…….


Richard Weberg


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