Have you gone Fishing lately..??

See internet marketing is just like fishing..

You start off by baiting your hook …(that is your offer, Lead Capture Page)

Than you cast your bait into the water and see what bites…(these are the leads you get in your autoresponder)

Next, you pull up on your rod when you get a bite and try and hook one…(These are your email follow ups)

Eventually you hook one and reel it in….(These are your sales)

Now all you do is keep repeating the process over and over..

..And some days you will strike it big, and some days you may go home empty..

Your goal of course is to catch as many fish as possible..

So you can have that big ol fish fry!!

Same thing with internet marketing, it is a process to making sales, no different to fishing..

That in there are specific things you need in order to make sales! (Catch Fish)

Without those specific things, you will always go home empty handed..

Just like going down to the lake with no bait..

You wouldn’t do internet marketing with out a autoresponder, lead capture pages or email follow ups..

Make sense..?

So if you truly want to fill your plate every time you go out fishing, you need to make sure you have the proper things..

We want to give you those things..

And show you how to use them, so you can catch more fish on demand!

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Much love
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