Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Start Making Money Online: Part Four

Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Start Making Money Online: Part Four


Been a few days or lots of days since my last no BULLSHIT post…….anyway no less of importance for this post, just been busy increasing my income. How about “You”?? Have you followed my advice yet, and started to do the things that are absolutely necessary to succeed online or are you still spinning your wheels doing things that just do not work??

Most do not listen, and worse yet they think they know a better way, and guess what happens…they fail, THATS IT, THEY JUST PLAIN OLD FAIL! Do you want this to continually be you?

Well stop f*cking around then and start doing what you know you have to do. I am not sorry for saying this, because I want you to get rid of your pain and start being successful online and in life and everything you try to accomplish…take action, if you have not read my other post go start now.

Here is the link to the last no bull shit post I wrote. Part Three Click Here   It dosnt matter if you read them in order, just read them, and remember this is what all successful marketers online do, not some, ALL!

Onto today’s no bullshit post.

So now you understand if you read my other post, you must invest in you and your business, your business is you, you must build a list of leads and you must convert your leads into partners and sales. You do this through creating content, sales and splash pages, through your own websites, blogs and autoresponders.

Now on to driving the traffic, you must build and develop traffic to your offers day in and day out, all 365 days of the year, otherwise no leads, equals no list and no sales or MONEY! GET IT? I dont think you do yet, thats why your still failing……… I mean every stinking day! 


How do you accomplish this, by learning and mastering driving traffic, there are many to chose from, and they all work, most successful online marketers use several options both paid and free methods. And yes, I said they all work, I know people personally who make absurd amounts of money online, that have mastered and been successful with every option listed below.

Here are some:

1. Google adwords

2. traffic exchanges

3. facebook

4. Twitter

5. safelist

6. article writing

7. press releases

8. seo


10. banners exchanges

11. solo ads

12. forums

13. Blog commenting

etc….I could go on, the point is there are tons of options available, free and paid. (YOU SHOULD DO BOTH) I love free, but like I told you in my first no bullshit post, free is not always the best option or will not always get you the best results, so I do both. Over time when you build traffic the right way, eventually most of your traffic will become free. Example, I am a member of several free to join traffic exchanges and safelist, I do not just rely on the free options, I upgrade and buy traffic. I only have so much time in a day. You should be buying some of your traffic otherwise you will be a slave to the internet. I usually myself use traffic programs that I can refer people to and get more free advertising for doing so, this builds me tons of free residual traffic and commissions. Because of doing this I get over 10,000 visitors a day, everyday to my splash and sales pages.


When you first start out building traffic, it will not produce fruit, it is just like planting a seed and watching it grow in stages, you will eventually reap the  fruit (income) you worked so hard for. The hardest part is always in the beginning, when you have to plow the field, and get the soil ready, then the planting is a little easier, keeping the weeds out and watering is even a little easier, then your crop finally starts to grow little by little everyday, and as long as you keep watering your crop it keeps growing until eventually the fruits of your labor start appearing, a little more each day until finally you have a full blown harvest!!

And if your not using that traffic to build your list first, YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR HARVEST, YOU WILL GET A stinking pile of shit! I am not here to entertain you, I am here to tell you what works, and not bullshit you.


Well, thats it for today……….Remember I want you to win!

If you have any questions or comments please post them here would love to hear from you.


Until Next Time

Your Friend And Partner

Richard Weberg

P.S The path to online wealth is through being a doer, not Ill think about it. Procrastination leads to empty hands..

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