Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Start Making Money Online: Part One

Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Finally Start Making Money Online: Part One.

I have decided to do a training series of blog post that I am going to give it to my readers totally square, no bullshit, and no sugar coating it at all…..So this is going to be part one.


So here goes, my first answer to one of the most asked questions….Can I build my online business when I have absolutely no money? The answer is absolutely not, may be a couple dollars here and there, but the time you put in, will pale in comparison to what you make, I am talking seriously, I guess if you want to put in 40 hours a week and maybe collect $50 bucks a month……??? Its not going to build up over time this way either, you wont have any momentum, and you wont keep putting in the effort, eventually you will get sick of it, unless maybe you have been in an offline business before and totally understand delayed gratification in the long haul, I am talking 5 to 10 years.


Building a business online takes some money, get over it, you are going to have to invest money in to your business in order for this to work, its just basic economics, when people get to use to the word free, thats what they expect everything for free, and then you start to only attract people with this kind of mentality, broke thinking. Ive seen people build email list with 2 to 3 thousand people on it and they where making absolutely nothing. Then there are those who have the same size list making a couple grand a month, whats the difference, its what your promoting and how, I guess if you want everything for free so will your leads and then you think you are helping them and really you are not, because nobody I mean nobody is making any money. Because you are all trying to get everything for FREE!


Put it this way, you wouldnt show up for your job tomorrow if nobody paid you….would you? If you went to Mcdonalds to get lunch  would you expect your meal to be free? If you started an offline business would you expect to not have any rent payment or have to pay for utilities? If money does not change hands guess what…you can not make any money, none, zilch!


So this is one of the most important factors you must expect and commit to when considering if you want to build a business online, that it will take some investment from you every month, money has to change hands in order to create profits for anyone. Every single person who has became successful with an online business has invested money in to it first. If you decide to keep trying to do it the free way, you might as well QUIT RIGHT NOW, AND I MEAN QUIT RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND, BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT MAKE SHIT!


Do you want to stay broke, do you love having debt, not having money to do the things you want? Well if you keep your thinking the same way, you will keep getting the same things. Thats the definition of insanity, keep doing the same things over and over again but expecting to get different results. So is what your doing now working, are you making money? Over 95% of all internet marketers fail, this is one of the biggest reasons why.


Tell the next post, if you have any questions or comments please post them here would love to hear from you.

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