Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Start Making Money Online: Part Three

Here Is Where The Bullshit Stops And You Start Making Money Online: Part Three


Well, Im back for another no bullshit post…ha ha ha!

I started this series two days a go and here is the link to part two “click Here”


Here is another question I get asked a lot. Do I really need to have my own website?

You think…..?? What happens when the affiliate programs you are in disappears or your free webpage company goes out of business, because they attracted a bunch of free loaders and they were not willing to pay for premium service? Guess what…YOU ARE OUT OF BUSINESS.


There are numerous reasons for owning your own site. Because with your own site and blogs your credibility will increase among your visitors. Look at it this way, having your own website is like having your own store in the offline world. Like a hardware store where you can showcase your programs and affiliate products and customers can see them and get information about them.


If your customers trust you they will buy from you. The more trust and credibility your website and you have, the more sales and sign ups you will make.

Other reasons for having your own website are:

· You can build a more personal relationship with your customers
· You are in complete control of everything
· You can build review pages
· You can pre sell your visitors a product before actually redirecting them to the affiliate offer
· You can blog so that when making a new post, your website will increase in the search engine rankings (Free Traffic)
· You can build landing pages, splash pages
· You can build your email list **

* You can store your own images and banners.

* You can use custom scripts to increase sales

Your prospective customers can reach your business 24 hours a day/365 days a year. And you can reach them all that more often.

· And many more reasons

Now there are many people who do not have their own sites, I believe most do not because they believe it is just to complicated. In reality it has become very simple, with all the new technologies that have emerged.

When you are constantly sending your own traffic to other peoples sites and programs first, you are building their credibility and their pocketbook, NOT YOUR OWN.

My previous post I talked about building your email list and not someone elses, now email marketing goes hand in hand with owning your own websites and blogs. Just look whats on the top of my blog above, a form to sign up to my training. These are the type of things you can do when you are in control, and you learn to create for yourself and build your own business first. Then you add income streams by promoting other affiliate programs and products.


You should look at affiliate marketing like its just another income stream, but your main business is you. The more you can control and create yourself the more you will make. 95% of all marketers online go about totally ass back words, and they fail, and so will you I guarantee it, if you dont start building your business first.


See. I want to give it to you straight, because I dont want you to fail, in fact I dont want you just running around building an affiliate program or selling products, because statistically if you try to market the wrong way like this and not build your business first, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL QUIT EVENTUALLY, where do I get these statistics from, by my experience watching all those people who have joined me over the years not listen, the ones that didnt listen are gone, the ones that did listen are still here and successful.  I can not succeed if I do not help others succeed, and I do not mean do things for people, I am not here to help you be crippled, I am here to teach and guide you so you can stand on your own two feet. My feet are heavy enough the way it


If new marketers would only follow advice, well I take that back, even marketers who have been around a while, still dont listen and still do not get it! More people would succeed online.

This is my no bull shit post for the day, quit wasting your time screwing around and get busy building your own blogs and websites.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here would love to hear from you.


Until Next Time

Your Friend And Partner

Richard Weberg

P.S The path to online wealth is through being a doer, not Ill think about it. Procrastination leads to empty hands..

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