How Does Viral Mail Profits Work?

Well I decided to add a post explaining viral mail profits a little better, this really is an excellent tool. If your not all ready an upgraded member, I would suggest doing so. This is fundamentally a great safelist tool and downlinebuilder. The benefits are enormous and its only in prelaunch still, soon they will launch their own mailer as well. Upgraded members will have an enormous opportunity to mail thousands of viral mail profits members.

We all know that time is money and being efficient
is the key to any successful marketer, especially
when it comes to keeping your list builders and
safelists working to their highest potential.

Viral Mail Profits does just that and you will
clearly see why top professionals are saying that
VMP is revolutionizing their email marketing.

Viral Mail Profits is the program you never knew
was essential, until now!

Think about it, how many times have you missed an
opportunity to mail out to one of your lists? I’m
guessing quite a few. It’s something we all do,
keeping track of all your mailings, all the time,
is just too darn difficult. Until now!

Think about just how many signups you lost because
you never had time to mail, or you forgot a
mailing was due.

Never again!

Viral Mail Profits understands how important list
builders can be to your business and helps you
take your mailing to the max the fast easy way.

Click here now to join

Picture this….

* One place to manage all your emails
* One Place to save all your emails
* No more saving random swipe files
* No more time wasted looking for your login
* No more wasting time logging in to all your
mailers  just to find out you can’t mail
for x amount of time
* No more missed mailings because you forgot
you could mail.
* No more time wasted setting up tracker links
* No more signups missed, because you don’t
know which  emails convert best.
* No more money lost, because you don’t know which
mailers  are just plain useless!
* And just too more to mention here…

Viral Mail Profits is truly the one and only place
that is designed to discipline you and is designed
to make you take action…. and that my friends is
what we all need.

* You save time
* You’re more focused and the bottom line…
* You make more money!

Viralmailprofits is  hands down the easiest way to
monetize your time and efforts to make absolutely
certain you are maximizing your profits with near
zero effort.

You can organize all your mailing programs in just
one place. No more bouncing back and forth and
missing critical time.

After you join viral mail profits Free (I would Upgrade, the one time offer is excellent) go to the quick start guide and follow the steps. From the  mailers tab you will set up all your safelist you are a member of, if your not a member you can also join more safelist or mailers from this same link. You are able to add your user I.d, your log in information as well as the frequency in which you can send mail through each safelist . This is the type of marketing tool that you want to learn inside and out, believe me it will save you oodles of time and money lost by not missing a single mailing. “Take the time to fully set it up and learn how it works”

See every safelist or mailer that you are part of gives you an opportunity to send email to a random amount of people based on the number of credits you have and or referrals in each one. Each safelist has a different frequency that you are allowed to send your ads out at.  Each time you forget to send out one of your mailings,  is a lost opportunity to reach new prospects hence make more money. Viral mail profits is one of the best online tools to come out this past year that is poised to maximize your time and your earnings!

Join Viral Mail Profits Here Now

P.S. You will see a very limited Lifetime Gold
Founder Member bargain when you join free.

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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