How To Get Results With Safelist And Listbuilders

Are you getting results with safelist and listbuilders, like listjoe, adsolutionline, adtactics?

This is exactly what one of the things I did today, getting results with the top rated safelist and listbuilders is not very difficult, especially when you have a marketing system already set up.

I took all three of these safelist today, listjoe, adsolutionline, adtactics and clicked for credits in each one until I maxed my mailings out in them, as though I was a free member, I actually had enough credits in each already, but I clicked for credits anyway so you can see what can be accomplished as a free member with no credits. Once I reached the maximum credits needed for each mailing I sent out my ads.

Listjoe– credits needed 5500

Adsolutionline– credits needed 10855

Adtactics-credits needed 12943

So these are the numbers I clicked for and sent out ads to for in each safelist. It wasnt difficult or hard.

Here is the Headline or subject I used in each one, I alternated using them:

===>Is Your Advertising Working??

===>Are You Getting Enough Sales??

Here is my ad: You will notice in my ad I put my link in twice, I always do this.

I Use Every Traffic Source I Can, And Know How To Turn Them All It Into Cash!
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To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

I alternated using these two links as my url that they click for credit:

Thats it, click send and a total of 29,298 people received my ad in there inbox, now if I can average a 3 to 4 % open rate it will be good! This is one really simple way of building your email marketing list. If you are not using safelist and listbuilders to build your email list, I think you are just wasting your time, you will see one very powerful reason why in my next post update tonight on my 30 day traffic exchange challenge. Everything I do, every marketing tool I use is all listed in my steps on the right hand side of my blog. You are free to copy my ad listed above, use the same links (with your referral i.d.s), copy the subject line, everything. The ad I used gets results, they will be posted later tonight.

Another great thing about safelist is they give you lots of free credits for joining, it is a NO-BRAINER. Join a safelist, get some free credits, click on a few more and max out your mailing, hit the send button and potentially reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes! Build your list, do it right, they are your contacts for life. Do the work once, this is what list building is all about.

Here is a link to all the top rated safelist and listbuilders I use every week.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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