How To Use Trafficswarm Credits And Text Ads

The first post about trafficswarm was getting a bit long so decided to make a second post regarding the credits and text ads.

How To Use  Your Credits And Why

If you want to see a steady stream (or a flood) of traffic using trafficswarm, you have
to build your credits up to a certain threshold. Once it hits that
level (usually between 10,000 to 12,000) credits,  the traffic flows
as fast as you can earn credits!  So try putting your sites on hold until you reach 10,000 credits or so and then release them and WATCH what happens to your subscriber sign ups and your book sales!

One of our OBA/TEP partners started seeing daily sales of the $5 book/OBA sign up
and when he was asked how he did it,  the response was that nearly half of his
traffic was coming from Traffic Swarm!

The rate of traffic delivery depends on the balance of accumulated credits in your TrafficSwarm account. A higher balance means more traffic, or faster delivery.  The best kept secret about this is that you can build up a large credit balance as a free member of  TrafficSwarm and get almost the same benefit a paid pro member gets!  As a pro member you get a lot more credits, plus monthly bonus credits. But whether you are a free member or paid member of TrafficSwarm, you need to surf on a daily basis to see steady traffic and results from your splash pages.

Surfing TrafficSwarm consistently on a daily basis will generate more traffic in an hour of surfing than any other exchange I use!  TrafficSwarm surfers are one of the most responsive groups of surfers on the internet, dosn’t hurt that there is over 500,000 members and they not only show your site on the exchange itself but also across the entire internet through link boxes and their own search engine.

Your Text Ads And Examples

TrafficSwarm is very different from the vast majority of exchanges. It uses
text ads which allow you to easily control your targeting. Since you
earn more views of your text ad per click (rather than views of a splash
page), you can actually increase your traffic from TrafficSwarm… if you are
good at creating targeted text ads with catchy titles.

Here are some examples:

Trafficswarm Profits…Free Report

Controversial Report Reveals
Secrets Most People Will Never
Know About Making Money
With Trafficswarm!

When you click on the subject, it opens this link:

Of course you use your own link like this one from your TEP back office.

Subject  Lines Examples:

Turbocharge Your TRAFFICswarm Credits
Improve Your Traffic Swarm Results
You Can Profit with Traffic Swarm
Shocking Truth about Traffic Exchanges

You might consider adding this to your text ad body:

Discover a whole new way to use TrafficSwarm
to make money online.

Here’s another ad that has worked well for me…

Is Your Surfing Paying Off?

Discover the exact system I use to easily build more
TRAFFIC and INCOME using my TrafficSwarm credits.

Link that ad to this capture page:

Again see your back TEP back office for your link

Try different ones, if your a free member you can have up to ten different ads rotating, pro members get unlimited. Make sure you use all ten text ads. I hope this gives you a good idea of how powerful trafficswarm can be and how to get it set up properly.

Finally, something I forgot to mention. You need to regularly update,
alter, or rotate your ads running on TrafficSwarm. You will get surfers to
click on your link multiple times if you keep presenting a different text
ad coupled with the same capture page.

When they see a text ad they’ve already clicked on before, they
will not click on it again. Change the ad for more clicks. Keep using
the same capture page and the repetition will increase the opt ins.

Is the $30 upgrade in TrafficSwarm worth it? Definately, I am a upgraded member.

But for anyone on a tight budget, I recommend one of the lower cost upgrades
in the other top traffic exchanges that are listed in the TEP back office. But for anyone willing to learn how to write effective text ads, anyone who has at least leased the first AdSpace
and joined NPN (both increase your credit value), anyone who can
afford the TrafficSwarm upgrade in their budget, anyone committed to
surfing TrafficSwarm daily… all of the above… then the upgrade will add to
your business growth through more traffic, leads, and income.

Otherwise, if the TrafficSwarm upgrade is simply out of budget at this time
then learning to write effect text ads combined with active surfing will
be well worth the effort. You can actually generate a massive flow of
traffic in TrafficSwarm without the upgrade because the flow of traffic is
dependent on your accumulated credit balance.

Before you upgrade, optimize your text ads and surf daily. Build up
your credit balance (between 10,000 to 11,000 credits) and watch the
flow increase dramatically. Then you can see the response and it will
be easy to decide if you want to upgrade for more traffic.

For more info on Trafficwave See other post here

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