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Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform

Empower Network is an online opportunity that enables their members to earn money without experiencing the most common challenges, pitfalls and problems most individuals go through when they begin a home based business. They provide helpful marketing training, quality information products along with digital services like a blogging platform. The affiliate program pays a 100% commission that allows members to create a substantial online income from home.



Get Your Own Empower Network Authority Blog

This means that when you blog about something unique you have a very good chance of appearing in the top results in the search engines almost instantly. Promote whatever you want, empower yourself through this powerful viral blogging system and start getting paid for blogging. Empower Network has just rebuilt their entire blogging platform from scratch, and now you will be able to blog right from your phone! Think of facebook, and how many people access it through their phones, well now for the first time ever, you will be able to do the same thing with your blog!


make Money With Empower Network Fast

New Technology, Empower Network Will Change How We All Market Online

Empower Network Membership Levels

If you join Empower Network, you will have several different levels of membership to choose from, and for each level, that you purchase you will also have the ability to earn a commission from selling the specific level of training. If you did not purchase the level, you will not be able to earn commissions from it, even if you refer people to it, or if one of your referrals buy a higher level.

Blogging Platform – $25 a month

The first level is the is a basic membership that will provides you with the Empower Network blogging platform and access to the fast training and core checklist, which contain the principles to build an online business. You will also have access to the back office tools, capture page systems and Monday night Empower hour. You are required to purchase this level in to gain access to buy into the higher levels.


The Inner Circle Membership – $100 a month 

This membership level will grant you access to the library of audios containing information on the Empower Network founders, team leaders and members. The inner circle training is more focused on the fundamental concepts of making money online. You will also have the right to sell this level and earn commissions from it when someone joins under you.


Empower Network is an online network marketing company that sells internet marketing tools and training. Namely, a blogging platform and a line of digital products that teach people how to make money on the internet.

Then, as a business opportunity, you have the option to sell the products and receive commissions.

Company Origins

Before starting Empower Network, co-founder David Wood endured years of approaching well-dressed people in Wal-Mart, 3-ways, home meetings and other traditional multi-level-marketing activities.

Then, he figured out a way to scale his businesses (the internet way), teams up with David Sharpe (another raw marketing brain-child) and together they launch Empower Network on October 31, 2011.

One week later, the company surmounts 1 million in paid commissions and never looked back.

A movement is started. Think: new age MLM. Today Empower Network Has Paid out more then 70 million dollars to their affiliates.

Empower Network and its Viral Blogging System

is the lucrative solution to a complicated online
marketing world.

Over 155,000 people agree.
Now it’s your turn.

Empower Network makes it very simple to start blogging. If you are serious about creating a consistent residual income, you really need to have a blog. Why Empower network blogs?

Because..just about EVERYTHING IS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU By Empower Network...

You don’t have to spend countless hours trying to figure out the geek speak…

You don’t have to buy a domain name…
You don’t have to know how to point your DNS…
You don’t have to get expensive high speed hosting…
You don’t have to FTP a damn thing…
You don’t have to pay a designer thousands for a kick butt, high converting theme…
You don’t have to pay a programmer to code everything and solve problems as they come up…
You don’t have to set up a MySQL database…
You don’t have to learn how to use cPanel…
You don’t have to do any complicated installs…
In fact, all you do is pick a theme, add your autoresponder to build your list if you want, place a banner ad or two, and start blogging. That’s it. All the geeky crap is taken care of by Empower Network. Plus paid plugins already installed. They take care of all of this for you, so all you need to do is log in once a day and blog!
Lets get you started blogging with Empower Network right now….Take action…This is what we do

Contact me for help and guidance

Skype: richard.weberg

Richard Weberg

The word “empower” means to give ability to; enable or permit. This is a key element to Empower Network and our mission; dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers.

Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the same time, Empower Network believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

Since Empower Network’s founding in 2011, the company has enabled more than 150,000 people to launch their dreams. People who have struggled for years in business are having success with the help of the opportunities Empower Network provides. Customers searching for simple and honest marketing systems and training programs are having breakthroughs and getting results with Empower Network products. Most importantly, Empower Network’s members are finding purpose in business and life through attending our events and interacting with the Empower Network community and leadership.

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