How to effectively Build your Email List and Create Real Profits Using Traffic Exchanges, Safelist and Other Free Traffic Resources

Introduction To Your Eight Steps Advanced Internet Marketing Training


The First Lead Generation, Recruiting and Referral Duplication System That Fills Your Inbox With referral And Commission Notifications EVERYDAY!! We will teach you how to build your email list on complete autopilot….


This training course is set up from beginner to the advanced user, We will take you by the hand, Step by Step, and show you how to Make Money Online!


This system we will teach you is a result of thousands of trials and errors over a period of 10+ years.


Does Making a $100 A Day Online Seem Impossible? I understand I felt the same way, but what I found was having the right training and support made all the difference in the world! For a limited time we are offering this training absolutely Free…But you must act now, before we start making this a paid only program!


Throughout the steps we will teach how to set up a complete business that includes every tool, software program, ebook, script, you need to have every fundamental part of an online business that you need in order to be successful and create a HUGE income funnel.


Get our simple, easy to follow step by step advanced training system that will grow you massive downlines and commissions in over 35 plus traffic exchanges and safelist, Stuffs your Paypal and Alertpay accounts with commissions, and the most important thing…it builds your business, your list, your bank account!


Your Turnkey Marketing Solution Awaits You, Proceed To Step One By Joining Here


Together we will do it, One Day…….One Step At A Time……Simple


I will personally help you… info is here, if you need to call me, email me first and let me know and I will send you my phone number.


To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg


See What They Say About “YourEightSteps”

Richard Weberg is the REAL DEAL! He knows his stuff when it comes to generating traffic and how to market properly to that traffic. Richard values relationships and helping others. He is a true leader who knows how to engage people and teach them with easy-to-follow steps that get results.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to go it alone. Follow Richard’s lead and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Scott Douglas

Creator, TE Profits

The 8 Step Marketing Plan is a tried and true marketing strategy.

Most people fail online, because of either lack of knowledge or lack of help….

Where the 8 step system comes in, is leading you step-by-step through setting up your traffic-getting resources, then setting up your own lead-capture system and autoresponders, then going 1 step further and creating your own Splash pages, and websites and blog.

There are some uplines you wish you’d never signed up under, because…

1) You never hear from them, nor do they return your contact requests, and…

2) They don’t teach their downlines how to succeed….then they wonder why they fail and drop out!

Thankfully, Richard Weberg does contact people and teach and help his downlines to succeed!

Richard Bligdon


Although I’m not done with the 8 steps, I’ve learned a lot already and I’ve applied it toward my main business and already benefited there.

The messages are clear and I’ve had a lot of personal help from Richard too, since there is a lot I’ve never learned.

When I’m finished I’ll be recommending this path to success to people I’ve been working with and those I haven’t worked with yet.

Anyone on the internet can benefit from this powerful plan.


My name is Maggie Eslinger and I have been marketing online since 2006. With Richard’s help I have increased the number of subscribers to my list. His course and emails have been extremely effective.

I recommend this membership site without hesitation for anyone who wants to earn an income from internet marketing. My recommendation just doesn’t apply to newbies or beginners, but seasoned marketers can benefit too.



Richard is great. He helped me set up my 8-step program and was there for me every step of the way. And I needed a lot of help. So don’t be afraid to tackle this project for fear you don’t have enough computer knowledge.

Richard will teach you.

Jo Grove

I just wanted to let everyone know, since I started using the 8 step course, My TE downlines have exploded, Im getting a ton of leads to my Traffic Wave account and My income is growing.

The 8 Step program walks you through the simple process of building a website, setting up an autoresponder, and making great personalized Splash pages.

This really works folks, All you need to do is follow the steps, stay focused and dont give up.

Steve Smith

In the 3 years I’ve been trying to make money online, it’s always been a struggle. I tell you this! I’ve tried other
Traffic Exchange Marketing Systems, there’s a few out there now. They all have good things about them that
taught me more than I knew, which was nothing. I made a couple of dollars here and there, but nothing really
to get excited about. Then I met Richard Weberg!

I’ve seen him around the TE’s before, and started reading his blog every once in a while and was very much impressed. When Richard started to promote the Eight Step Training,

I checked it out. It was free after all.

I never looked back! What that course taught me opened my eyes about how professional surfers really do it.

Am I making $5,000 a month? Not yet, but my list size has tripled within a very short period of time. And talk about referrals! I’m getting them everyday now and making more consistent commissions instead of being scattered here and there. Believe me this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It makes everything else pale in comparison!

Robert Maturo

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