Is $10,000 a Month Residual Income Possible With The10KTeam?

It just might be! Well they sure have a great marketing plan set up…and some of the most respected marketing partners the internet has to offer. Jason Wise, Scott Douglas, Tom Haley, Tony Tezak, Louise Venison, any of the names ring a bell?

Teams..They are EVERYWHERE you look online. You may even be a member of one or more of them! There are some great benefits to being part of a team and some not so good benefits. The 10KTeam has took the best parts of teams and got rid of the not so good and has put together a solid plan to get you on the path to $10,000 or more a month as soon as you join.

The great part about The10KTeam is that it helps you promote your websites PLUS it gives you the opportunity to earn income from 10+ additional income streams! I believe the the 10k program is so sound that I have added it to the steps on the right hand side of my blog here, and all the marketing programs involved with the 10k team you will have joined if you are following the steps here anyway.

The one thing I really like about the 10k marketing program, if you follow the 3 steps laid out in the 10k forum it is really a no brainer to promote, it is like the steps here just follow a few instructions. Nothing hard or complicated to learn or do.

You can Join the 10k team here it is free to join,  and if you are a member already just log into your back office.  Once logged in, if you have not all ready done so, click on the referral builder tab on the left hand side, like I said earlier you should be a member of all these programs (unless you are landing on this page for the first time), so all you need to do is input your entire referral url (including the http://) for each program in the boxes provided. Otherwise you need to join all the programs listed first if you have not.

Moving on…….
The next thing to do, after you finish inputting your referral links in the boxes provided, is to click on the the strategy tabs on the left hand side of your 10k back office, chose strategy #1, this is the best and fastest way to build your 10k  income. Follow the instructions for setting up strategy number one. Now click on the support forum tab and follow the link to join the forum, this is important(some people never bother to visit the forums they are part of, and boy do they miss out!). Once you are logged in, click on the 10k Team forum, once inside there will be three simple steps for promoting your new 10K business,  follow this advice it WORKS!

The only other thing I do to promote my 10k business is to add a letter to my autoresponder introducing it to my subscribers and partners. If you do not have a email list yet, you can learn by following my steps on the right hand side. I will teach you. I hope you see after setting everything up, how really simple it is to promote the 10k team.

I will be making a blog post later on today in my commitment to my 30 day traffic exchange challenge. Later…………

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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