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Hello Everyone and Welcome To Real Traffic Exchange Profits, To Those That Are Just Joining Us.

Where there is a lot  of Hoopla……….Going on………yes I am strange

Anyway I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone reading and following the steps outlined on this blog, I have been updating the steps a little bit that are located on the right hand side of this blog. Havnt changed a lot, just fine tweaking them so they flowed a little bit better, also wanted to keep each topic or step focused more to taking the time to really learn and understand them.  So far so good, I am up to step 7, I have been re writing a couple steps a day, after I surf for traffic of course. I was up at 6 this morning had to get my son off to his out of town soccer game, so after he left I surfed about 200 credits in 13 traffic exchanges, had to get it done early because I follow a daily action plan and we have a couple parties to go to today, should be fun!

Well, Happy Surfing………….Time to go Party and do some Hooplaing………..something like that.

Until Next Time

Your Friend And Partner


Richard Weberg

P.S. Some people have asked me about setting up their own website or blog, and that is fine. Just remember, if you build it does not mean anyone will come. My sources of income have come almost exclusively through building my email list with traffic exchanges and safelist. I only put up this blog after I learned, mastered and managed the marketing process and surfing for traffic is always my first priority( I do not wait for traffic to come to me, I go get it!) I set up this blog also because I started to get so many questions from people on my list, it became less time consuming to answer the questions a head of time and send them here so they can read and learn anytime they wanted. So I do not suggest doing so, until you get to that point, because building traffic to a blog or website is a ton of work if you are trying to get sales from it…….I do not know seo (Search engine optimization), nor do I want to.I am a professional traffic exchange marketer, not a website builder.

I Love this saying “Are you still waiting for your ship to come in? Well, You better swim out to it before it sinks!”

Let connect and be friends!

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