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Jerry Iannucci Shared with me yesterday his link for a new traffic exchange, Justgoodtraffic.com.  So I joined, and surfed it for a while, and got some good conversions from it, so I decided to share it today.


Have you seen Just Good Traffic Yet?

It’s a Traffic Exchange owned and operated 
by Steve Ayling, A guy with over 9 years
experience in the traffic exchange business.

Steve has combined all his knowledge from
the last 9 plus years and created a really cool
traffic exchange with some great features.


You can earn 100% cash commissions on gold
upgrades as a reseller and really rake in those
cash commissions.

With 0.5 credits per click for free members this
exchange can earn you more quality traffic for
your time surfing.

If you want to dip into your pocket then this
exchange is not expensive either. You can go
gold for just $7 per month or only $47 for a
whole year. Credits cost from $2.57 / 1000
too so you can stock up on traffic whenever
you need.

Check out this great exchange today by
clicking the link below.

Thanks for reading,
Richard Weberg

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