Long Day….But Getting Closer To Being Done

Been A Very Long Day..


Today, I had to sand and polyurethane boards, tons of them for my walls in my house, its a long process to actually getting them up on the wall. We are putting up over three thousand square feet of tongue and groove, we are also putting up half log siding on some of the walls on the inside…looks very cool.  I will be very thankful when the last board is done. Even though I hired a contractor to do most of the work, some things I insist on doing myself, because I am quite anal, somewhat of a perfectionist. It also helps things move a little bit faster when I am there working a long side the contractor and his employees, it motivates them to work harder and to do things better, because I am always around and can outwork most people.


This is one of the reasons I have had success online, because I dont know when to quit and never stop doing, learning until I conquer what I set out to do. I must finish what I start and be successful at it. Learning is a process and I always ask lots of questions until I master what I want to learn. If you set your mind to doing something, it will happen. One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon Hill, “What ever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Its no different than internet marketing and making money online, the same principles apply.


When at first you dont succeed try and try again, but never give up, failure isnt an option!


My internet access is still spotty but getting better, because the electrician is almost done and so is my internet provider installer, new wiring everywhere….hooray!

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