Major Youreightsteps News And PureLeverage Launch Updates!

First Off..The Youreightsteps downline builder had been updated with a couple new programs. One from Carol Walczak she has a fantatsic program called Build your list with ease, it has been added to step 8.

Also I have added another great safelist from Sean Supplee, Fast Cash Mailer. This one has been added to the safelist downline builder.

And I have added pureleverage from GVo, this is absolutely brilliant! 100% commissions! I added to step 8.

I made a small mistake while tweaking the downline builders, and you may have to add a couple other id’s back in for a few programs, its my mistake and I am sorry. I had to make some necessary changes at Your Eight Steps.

You can log in here to ad your id’s or if not a member yet you join here as well. Youreightsteps is the exact marketing system I have used everyday to build my list, referrals and commissions. I have built downlines in the thousands with these steps.

Otherwise keep building your list, youreightsteps is making people thousands, for people following and taking action on the steps!

Second off.. Joel Therien founder of GVO, has just announced the founders launch of Pure Leverage…..This program is absolutely brilliant, 100% commissions, and everything you need to absolutely smash it online! Official launch will be on March 4th.

if member already, log into your members area and click on news on the left hand side…

watch the very short video from Joel Therien..

Freakin Fantatsic…Absolutely Brilliant!

You can upgrade below the video, you will then get an email with your pureleverage link!

Jump on it and start making a killing!


Then after finished above, just click on the link on the lower left hand side that says edit your billing info
  then once on the next page scroll down to transactions. you will see that you are now upgraded.


For Non members go to the link below and watch this very short video and scroll down and read the info on pureleverage…its a masterpiece, if you havnt became a gvo member, you really need to join, this program is nothing short of brilliant!


You will be the first…dont wait..success comes for those who take action!


Richard Weberg



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