Marketing Online With A Purpose Gets More Results

Marketing Online With A Purpose

Well, As I had said in one of my other post, I have been marketing online for 7 years, I all ready have the belief that I can make money online. Some of you don’t have that belief yet. Everything I do to market my OBA and TEP business is done with a purpose, to get results. If I dont get results, I change my approach. Once I joined this business my mind was made up all ready, it wasn’t well maybe this will work or I’ll give it a try, I decided right then and their that no matter what I will be successful with this business.

Belief has a lot to do with your actions, some of you may not understand this yet. In my mind this is the best online business on the internet, I dont look at other offers or get side tracked by other websites. I do everything with specific intent. You can waste a lot of time online and think your getting stuff done when in reality you did very little to progress your business.

If your not getting results, you need to fix your belief first, why are you doing this? Do you want just a little extra gas money, or do you want to make thousands of dollars? This will decide your commitment level, and how much time and money you are willing to invest? Having the desire to be successful is really only the first step, you really need to develop the reason why you are doing this and how important it is to you to reach your goals and dreams.

You have to treat this business like it is a million dollar business long before it will ever become one. This is why I stress being organized, you can waste countless hours doing the simplest of task if you are not. If you had a business that you bought for $100,000 dollars how would you treat it, would you give up with the slightest set back or would you reorganize your plan if you were not getting results? I know you only paid $5 dollars to join the OBA, but you still need to treat it like you paid $100,000 for it, to make any serious money, unless your just after some gas money?

I am going to be honest with you, that is the only way I can help you get better results.
If Your not getting results change your approach, dont wait for months to pass. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. How Do you change your approach, stop doing what your doing and readjust your plan?

1. Define why you are doing this, engrave this in your brain, put up signs with goals on them or something you want to buy or do. Keep your why in front of you. It will motivate though set backs and times when your not getting the results you want.

2. Get organized, I make everything as accessible as possible so I dont have to waste time searching. Bookmark everything in specific folders, traffic exchanges, safelist and all your frequently used programs. This takes less time to find them, you just open and click. I even organize my email with filters, every safelist and program I use has its own folder where its mail goes into all on its own because of the filters I set up. I also copy and save all my content and ads I create, when you need it again all you have to do is copy and paste. Yes, these things take time to set up, but once you have them set up you will save oodles and oodles of time in all your marketing efforts.

**Safelist Tips
Organize your safelist according to the frequency in which you can send email, once every seven days, every 3 days and so on. A great tool for this is viral mail profits. Most people dont do this and are not taking every available opportunity to send out their ads. Dont use the same title and ad body in your emails you send out in the same day, a lot of people use gmail and google tends to group email together with the same title and ad body. Viral Mail Profits is a great tool for this, and its free to join.

3. Set up a marketing schedule as to not get overwhelmed.
Having daily task set up, saves you time and stops you from meandering all over the place. You get a lot more done when you prioritize what you do each day. I set aside time for clicking for credits in my safelist. I rank everything by number to the importance of getting it done each day. Traffic exchanges and safelist are number one and number two on my list. They have provided the most subscribers. I also use this as a factor in determining where I upgrade and spend my advertising dollars.

4. Track and test your marketing campaigns, everything I do gets tracked in some way. I want to know what and where I am getting results from. When I find something that is working good, I double my efforts or I upgrade to leverage my time. Tracking gives you the ability to get results faster and more often. One of my new favorites for this is vital viral pro, excellent site!

5. Make sure that you utilize the system that has been set up for you by the OBA and TEP. The system works and if you dont join the programs with in these two businesses you will miss out on a lot of income and referrals. All it takes is missing out on a couple ad space leases or referals to npn to possibly lose a lot of income. When You are doing everything with a purpose, you wont side step a program or not pay for an adspace lease because it takes time to set up or cost $30 one time to buy. You will act on faith because you have belief that you will be successful and do whatever it takes to get you closer to your dreams and goals. Make sure you have joined all programs inside any downline builder, everyone. Unless you like giving the referrals to someone else, it only takes giving up one sometimes?

6.Put your heart in to it….. Get in contact with your new OBA business owners, introduce yourself and welcome them, let them know you are here to help them. Encourage them to visit here, they will see what a wonderful organization they are part of.

Not everyone will get the same results from their marketing efforts, but these suggestions are the best tips I can give you for getting better results with any of your online marketing, it dosnt matter if its safelist, traffic exchanges or posting ads in forums. Getting organized, tracking your efforts and marketing with a purpose will always help you to get better results. I am not doing anything differently, their is no magic ad or title to use in your ads, the system works if you work the system. You are trying to reach as many people as effectively as you can in the time that you commit. Organization is the difference between surfing ten traffic exchanges in an hour to surfing twenty, the difference between sending email through ten safelist in an hour to thirty, you reach more people in less time, hence better results.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg
Its Not Over Until I Win! “Les Brown”

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