My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 16

My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 16

Well, tonight I am not forgetting to make my blog posting, this has been an exciting journey so far, I am very excited about reaching my target goals yet another day. I hope to inspire  those of you who are following along and have your own aspirations of financial independence. Together we can accomplish great things……..all it takes is belief compiled with a daily action plan to propel us another step, another day closer to our dreams and goals. We are over half way there, each day brings us that much closer………

1. I surfed 15 traffic exchanges for a total of 209 clicks in each.
2. I sent out email ads in 2 safelist today.
3. I am still working on finding my 3rd person to take on this challenge with us. I know you have it in you….Please come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there.

4. I completed my blog posting today honoring my commitment.( I didnt forget)
Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post here….my 30 day Traffic exchange challenge
If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort.

Each day will not have the same results, but everyday I accomplish something worthwhile… was a little slower. I added 3 new subscribers to my email list, a couple new traffic exchange members and a few oddball commissions.





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2 thoughts on “My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 16

  1. It’s taking a while to get up to speed,but it’s coming.This past week(I have your 40 TEs split into 4 days @10 /day/200 clicks.I usually try to do a few safelists/List Builders via Viral Mail Profits.

    Recently,I scored a Hoopla Pro.

    This past week,\i’ve had a few trwvsurf subs,but today got my first TEP referral! Yippee!

    An trying to daily blog.I added some plugins,auto socoial posting,etc.

    Now to learn how build massive traffic.

    • Hey Richard , Great to hear from you, and am very glad to see you getting everything set up and having some results……Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

      Together we can do great things!

      To Your Success And Happiness
      Richard Weberg

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