My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 17

My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 17

Houston, we had yet another major malfunction………yes, I lost my internet connection again. I was surfing my traffic exchanges yesterday, I was on 33 clicks in each when I lost service. I wasnt able to talk to a human being until this morning to find out when it would come back on. This is what normally happens, we will go a long time without any service interruptions, and then all of a sudden we will get a bunch of them in a row. I live in a very small town, on the outskirts, we only have one internet provider available for high speed, we can not even get dsl like through quest because our lines are to old out here, and quest hasnt put new ones in yet.

I was fortunate it came back on yesterday long enough for me to at least buy some credits in some of my traffic exchanges, I wanted to make sure at least to keep up the momentum I have been creating from my 30 day challenge. I am upgraded in many traffic exchanges and safelist, but I do not include those credits in on this challenge, I work for the credits I post about in my 30 day challenge blog post.

So I got very little accomplished yesterday…..

1. I surfed 14 traffic exchanges  for a total of 33 clicks in each.

2. I wasnt able to send out any safelist ads yesterday, today I will have to double my effort.

3. I am still working on finding my 3rd person to take on this challenge with us. I know you have it in you….Please come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there.
4. I did not get to complete my blog posting yesterday honoring my commitment for (yesterday).
Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post here….my 30 day Traffic exchange challenge
If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort.

I still had some results yesterday, I added 4 new subscribers to my email list, 1 new TE Profits referral, 1 new TE Command Post referral, I earned a new trafficswarm commission. Referred several new traffic exchange members.

Onwards and Forwards……..Today we step over hurdles, everyday we make progress, this is how we win!

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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