My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 28

My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 28

Howdy everyone………today was one of those challenging days to try and get all of my goals done for the day, but I did it. I have been competing against myself now for almost 30 days. At the end of every post, I list my results for each day. The results that I will be posting today, reflect not so much as what I did today but my accumulative effort of what I do everyday. See it is not as important what you do today that matters it is more important what you do everyday that counts or should I say what you do not do. Every time I do some challenge like this with myself, I learn more about myself and about building a successful internet business using traffic exchanges and safelist. There really are little tweaks that people never learn, because they do not track or really monitor what they are doing.

Internet marketing is not rocket science, but it does take a dedication just like in a brick and mortar business. You wouldnt work a brick and mortar business 2 days a week and expect to profit would you? The fact is, without large amounts of ongoing daily traffic, you are trying to do the impossible. This is what this challenge is all about, building, learning, applying and then repeating the process day in and day out, learning habits of success that you really can apply to any business. If you do something long enough, and learn from what you do, you will get really good at it!

So what was I up to today?

1. I surfed 13 traffic exchanges for a total of 277 clicks in each one. (Actually I am still surfing, so it will be higher)

2. I sent out email ads in 2 safelist, and clicked for more credits in each.

3. Remember friends it is never to late to start!! I am still working on finding my 3rd person to take on this challenge with us. I know you have it in you….Please come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there……Please come join us, it is never to late to start. I thought I would have an easier time, finding people who would join me in this quest, willing to aspire to more and challenge themselves? I have 2 days left to find 3 more….
I will be here to help you the whole way, day by day, step by step. I will not abandon you.

4. I completed my blog posting today honoring my commitment for today.

Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post here….my 30 day Traffic exchange challenge
If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort.

Remember what I wrote above…….Here are my results for the day, I added 16 new subscribers to my email list, 1 new TE Profits member, 3 new TE Command Post members, 1 new trafficwave member, 3 new traffichoopla members. I also had several new traffic exchange and safelist referrals + commissions.

Market your business consistently, everyday build traffic……and focus

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

2 thoughts on “My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge…Day 28

  1. I had to go out for most of the day,so diodn’t get much done,butr with a bit of Traffic Hoopla 1st list surfing from 9 AM til 10:30 and more when I came home at 5pm,I did 200 pages in several on the list.

    I got 1 new TE Profits member today.

    That Snow Ball’s growing again!

    2 days left in your 30 day challenge,but hey,this has been so good,we’ll just say “Encore,Encore”,then start again!

  2. Yes Richard, and I only have two days left to find 3 more people to take on this journey with us, if not I guess we will just continue on…

    Glad to see your activity and your results, each day, everyday, our snowballs do grow a little more….

    Well done my friend
    Richard Weberg

    P.S. Did you get my last email, I sent you, I am having problems sending through yahoo right now, trying to get it straightened out. I sent you my phone number so we could chat about your question.

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