My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge….

Anyone Up For A Challenge????? And no its not against me , it will be against yourself………..

Here is my challenge to myself…..I hope you will join me. A wise man wrote these three statements (the owner of traffic hoopla) yes I stole this from him.

1. You are what you do daily.
2. You first form your habits; then your habits form you.
3. It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.

My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge……….For the next thirty days I will

1. Surf at least 13 different traffic exchanges daily for 200 clicks each, everyday for 30 days straight.

2. Send out email to every safelist I am a member of (41) every week, and max out my mailings, that means send out email every time each safelist allows me. viralmailprofits my reminder tool. You should at least be using 10 to 20 top safelist

3. Find at least 5 new people this month that will accompany me on this challenge. ( and do the same thing)

4. Post to this blog daily what I have done so as to keep myself accountable, I will post even if I do not make my goal each day.

Want to give your business the boost it needs, and create the habits for success? Then join me, it does not matter what day you start just as long as from that day you hold yourself accountable for 30 days. My 30 days starts today, right now. If you join me please feel free to post comments here, readers would love to know about our journey. If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort.

I will bet that at the end of thirty days your business will have grown by leaps and bounds and so will have you.

It is amazing what you can accomplish, when you are hungry, driven and have the desire to succeed no matter what .

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

26 thoughts on “My 30 Day Traffic Exchange Challenge….

  1. Okay, Richard, you’re on. It will take a little while to get up to speed, and I’ll work daily on it.

    Might as well start today:
    I did 1799 clicks at 13 TEs. Average 138 each. Actually did over 200 each on 7.
    Did no safelists. (Don’t even know how many I am a member of–at least 40.) Need to join and set up ViralMailProfits–tomorrow.

    This kind of challenge is good for the soul!!

    To Your marketing success,
    Jewell Pountney

    • Thank God My Friend………….I welcome you to complete this challenge with me.

      We can help encourage each other, I am only on day eight, and I have to keep talking myself into it. I have a great work ethic, but I like to invest money into my business so I do not have to work this hard. I am bound and determined to finish my challenge. It is really different when you have to complete things each day………I do not want to disappoint myself, and my friends like you who are reading.

      To Your Success And Happiness
      Richard Weberg

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Richard!

    I need to develop the discipline to do this every day. It helps to be accountable, especially to someone else doing the same thing. Can’t get by with sliding.

    So you are on Day 8 and I am on Day 2.

    I will also list the # of subscribers each day. Yesterday was 0. I ran the system for nearly 3 weeks with incorrect info–so nothing worked. It is fixed and yesterday was day 1 after the fixing.

    I’ll post tonight!

    T OUR marketing success,
    Your partner in practice, discovery,& results!


  3. Hi, Richard!

    I had high hopes for today’s results–this morning. I didn’t get started until this afternoon. For me, part of this challenge is finding a way that is most efficient and effective for me to get this work done. (And still be able to get the rest of my work done.)

    8 TEs surfed – total of 1121 clicks. (An average of 144 each)
    Safelists – 0

    # of Subscribers: 0

    Goals for Sunday, 10/10/10
    2600 clicks on 13 eschanges
    1 Safelist maxed out and email sent.

    How did your day go? I hope your results are better than mine.



  4. Activity is the key, it takes a little time to get the ball rolling. Sometimes the internet is slower than other times, more people online or less. Some days it will seem like a piece of cake other times you will have to fight for every subscriber , or sign up you get.

    You can post your activity or results on any of the post I make for the 30 day challenge, you can also leave a link to your website or subscription page here with each one of your post. I would encourage posting on the current days post.

    If you get stuck take a look at my steps I have posted on the right side.

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

  5. You’re right! Some days it’s a real challenge. Today’s results:

    Did: Clicks: 953 on 7 exchanges, average 136.
    Received: Views (from TEToolbox) 664 today; 2823 (October)
    Clicks 0
    Subscrbers: 0

    Safelists: Read some emails to increase my mailing capacity.

    Surfing was a struggle to get flowing. I kept getting stuck.

    Thanks for the encouragement. And how did you do? Where are your accountability posts?

    To OUR marketing success,

  6. I am glad your hanging in there……..I will be here to help you all the way.

    Try to keep increasing your total number of clicks each day, 13 traffic exchanges a day for some reason is a magic number for me and the 200 clicks in each is as well. Read through my steps and you will find other little tricks and things that I do to multiply my efforts each day, also read through my safelist resources there is a cool free tool I use to find effective headlines for my ads.

    my accountability post are all located here

    or just go to the front page of my blog

    Talk soon

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

  7. Hey Richard:

    Count me also!

    I gave up for several months,but I’m going to make another go of it and ‘join the 30 day challenge!”

    It seems like its always hardest to get that first subscriber and/or sale,then after that,it takes off!

  8. Hey, it is great to hear from you Richard!

    Nice to see you back, and glad you will be joining us. Let me know if you have any questions along the way…….I am always here to help.

    Hooray another challenger and friend……Together we can accomplish great things!

    Richard I do not know if you are aware that TE Profits has been upgraded and site redone… links have changed for splash pages (new splash and squeeze pages). You need to resign up at the new TE Profits, the link is here.

    or just go through the steps on the right hand side I have updated them as well. The TE Profits link in the OBA back office has not been updated yet, Dave has not had a chance to update it with our referral links yet.

    Building a successful internet business is never easy, I could have quit a thousand times in my own journey… reason why (dreams and goals) was stronger than my desire to quit. Developing daily habits of action even when things do not seem to be working so well keep you moving forward and focused.

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

  9. Hello Richard and Richard,

    No surfing done today.
    383 views of my pages.
    0 clicks.
    0 subscribers.
    1099 views this week.
    3256 views this month.

    I have 1 safelist that I have maxed out so I can send to.
    I started listing the safelists I belong to and the number of credits I have at each.

    I worked on my website and got my domain forwarded. (And that works now.) The website is not live, yet.

    To life, happiness, and learning,

  10. Hi, Richard & Richard!

    Hope you are both doing well.

    Surfed sites: 3073 on 15 TEs

    Today’s Results:
    Views: 844
    Clicks 0
    Subscribers: 0
    Views this week: 1949
    Views this month: 4106

    Safelists: Nothing done.

    Website: Not live. Did not work on it.

    I met the TE goals. Want to learn how to do it better. Still need to do Safelists, article writing, and website on a daily basis.

    To persistence,


    PS: Does this get easier? 🙂

  11. Yes, at times, it will seem easy as pie, other times it will be harder than heck. The internet itself or the market is slower right now, but that can change in a blink of an eye. That is why it is so important to keep being consistent no matter what. You had some very good surf numbers today…..keep it up, great job, I am proud of you……….the results will come.

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

  12. Hi, Richard & Richard!

    What an exciting day! 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 day beneath the ground. Plus 6 rescuers who went down to assist.

    Lessons from Chile: Make a decision; stick with it. In spite of anything. Get help when you need it. Keep on keeping on regardless of obstacles. Keep your self talk encouraging.

    I used positive self talk all morning and made good progress. Got first half done, and went to run errands.

    Since I spent quite a bit of time watching the fantastic rescue, I was considering not doing all: Min. 200 @ 13 TEs.
    When I got to 120 or so on the second set of TEs, I really didn’t want to continue. I decided that would be like leaving the last miner in the hole. That was unacceptable. So I finished.

    I noticed that with consistent surfing, my attention went to how I could do it better, and be more aware of how the pages loaded–or didn’t. I found that I had more control of jams and stucks than I thought I did yesterday.

    I also noticed how my hands, arms, back, neck, and body felt in my chair. I remembered things I learned in Simpleology about renewing myself: Taking deep breaths, getting up, drinking water, looking out the window. I found it easier to work when my body was comfortable and my mind alert. Also noticed that when I would, while sitting, stomp my feet up and down quickly for several seconds, that I smiled, as well as got the blood flowing. (You know, something like a 2 year old having a tantrum.) Never considered those things while surfing before.

    So I am making progress in my monitoring my positive attitude, being comfortable while I work, and learning to accept life happening without throwing my work plan out of whack. Ah, I never thought I could learn such lessons by merely surfing. 🙂

    Now that stats:
    TEs surfed: 13
    Page Views: 2 at 250, the rest at 200 or above. 1 auto surf at 1401. Total today: 3966. (Without the auto surf – 2631.)

    Others Views to my site:
    Views: 986
    Clicks: 0
    Subscribers: 0
    Views this week: 2959
    Views this month: 5116

    Someone famous once said something to the effect that persistence along is omnipotent. I disagree. While persistence is absolutely necessary to achieving one’s dreams, only commitment and right self talk produces the actions that bring forth desired results.

    Speaking of results, I am certain they will come, I just wonder when. 🙂

    Thank you for your encouragement and pat on the back. Felt good!
    Also, thank you for the articles on the right side of the page. I started at the top last night and read a few. I’ll pick up where I left off, tomorrow, and read a few more.

    Cheers to the Chilean miners, their families, the rescuers, the Chilean president, and all the others that worked to make this rescue possible. Cheers to you for developing this 30 Day Challenge.

    I am beginning to wonder what all will happen in this 30 day period. I’m excited. I am amazed when I assign the bonus credits I received, that often I still have credits! That rarely happens. Guess it is the result of consistency. Maybe there will be clicks and subscribers tomorrow. 🙂

    Hope and faith got the miners and their families though. Maybe that will get me through, too!

    Hope you are both having much success today.

    To OUR marketing successes!

    PS: This is a good base for an article. Think I’ll copy it to my file for article ideas. Hmmm!

  13. Thanks for the great comment Jewell, I am very glad to see the Chilean miners rescued, it is always nice to see such a good ending, to something that started out so tragic. It is also nice to see how you are growing as you go on with this challenge. The results will come…….just keep doing what you have been. I also sent you a pm in the OBA forum back office with a few questions for you as well as a few suggestions, I sent it earlier today.

    A positive attitude will get you a long way, I always try to find ways to entertain myself while I am surfing. If I am the only one home, I like to crank some old music (some feel good stuff) and have a couple of my favorite drinks and just have a little fun while I surf. Surfing doesn’t have to be boring, it is what ever we can make it. I always try to take the positive from what ever I am doing, glad to see you are doing the same.

    Hang in there my friend…..together we will get it done!

    Success is not a destination, but the journey in itself.

    Until Next Time
    Your Friend And Partner
    Richard Weberg

  14. Oh, Richard, it is so nice to share messages with someone who has been where I am. You comments are one of my rewards for doing this. Thanks for you message at OBA. I’ll check it out when I finish here.

    Tonight will be short. I finished the TE challenge a little after 4 pm today and felt a little lost. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. It’s the first day I’ve had it done before 8 pm. Cooking dinner was actually quite enjoyable. I didn’t feel rushed to get back to the computer to finish. So I really didn’t get anything else done. I did look at the article I’m doing. 🙂

    My 24 year old son is having a medical procedure tomorrow. I will be with him. I don’t know how much I’ll get accomplished on the TE challenge. Partially, it depends on how long this takes. It is my intention to work on safelist emails (writing them) while I wait in the waiting room. Should be good for my soul.

    Now the results:

    TE surfing:
    13 TE – 1 at 400,3 over 250 (barely), the rest over 200. No autosurfing.
    Total surfed: 2992

    Views et al:
    Today’s Views: 1541 (as of 8:18 PM, PT) (50% increase over yesterday!)
    Clicks: 0
    Subscribers: 0
    Views this week: 4509
    Views this month: 6666

    I am amazed! Happily.

    Thank you, Richard.


  15. Hey Jewell, Time to be with your son, I hope it goes very well for him, whatever he is having done.

    You are doing a great job with your surfing…..I am glad you finished early and could enjoy your dinner a little more. I sent you another pm in the OBA back office today in response to yours. I will be surfing for the both of us today in spirit of our challenge………Together we will win!

    To Your Success And Happiness, And Your Sons Speedy Recovery
    Richard Weberg

  16. Hello all . . .

    Morning went well.

    Surf 14 TEs for a total of 1922.

    Views today: 1309
    Clicks: 0
    Subscribers: 0
    Views this week: 3000 (ah, a daily average of 1000!)
    Views this month: 11,124

    I increased the number of rotators at 11 TEs. I think it shows in today’s results.

    Hope you all had a growing day!!

    Nite, all,

  17. Wow, Jewell, looks like you were up late! Keep going….you are getting there my friend. Are you sending to those safelist yet? I sent you in one of the pms at the OBA, an ad you can copy that I have been getting a lot of subscribers with.

    Have a good night

    To Your Success And Hapiness
    Richard Weberg

  18. Hi Richard!

    While I haven’t been writing here, I have been working.

    Surfed: 1729 pages
    Views this week: 6484 (Average = 1621/day so far.)
    Views this months: 21056 (Average/day = 779, up from 556 one week ago)
    Subscribers last week = 2 WOW
    Subscribers this week (today!) = 1
    Total subscribers this month = 3 (Hurray!)

    While I’ve been doing this since mid September, I had it all set up wrong. So my official date of doing this Oct. 8.

    With the personal stuff going on in my life right now, I have not surfed the 200 on 13 everyday. I try to at least get 1500 pages surfed.

    I send an email to 124 of my TE downline (120 is my TopTierTraffic points earned downline.

    Hey, this is getting fun!

    To OUR marketing successes,
    Jewell Pountney

  19. Ouch!

    That’s my comment to my work today.

    Surfed: 650
    Views Today: 1117
    Views This Week: 7591
    Subscribers this week: 1
    Subscribers this month: 3

    We can never be discouraged by what we didn’t do, when we are planning a better day tomorrow. Now to implement the plan.

    Your friend and partner in this quest,
    Jewell Pountney

  20. Hey, Jewell, I got your pm, about the message you sent, hope they find there way. It is very good to see your comments and you are still moving along. Activity everyday, thats what it is all about.

    Starting to get some subscribers, that is awesome! We will keep building, learning and getting more results…..

    I am proud of you and all you have accomplished so far!

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

    P.S. Have you been sending any ads to safelist lately?

  21. No safelists yet, Richard, but keep watching your blog. 🙂

    Greetings, Richard and everybody!

    A record breaking day! Here are the stats:

    Surfs: 2700 (13 TE, 1 w/33 & 1/107; all other over 200.)
    Views: 1932 (Best ever!)
    Views this week: 9607 (Avg. 1601/day)
    Views this month: 24179 (Avg. 833/day)

    The averages are moving upward.

    Subscribers this week: 1
    Subscribers this month: 3

    Products sold: 0

    Worked on getting safelist credits and finding out how many I have. Mostly from prior work and some from today, I have a total of 185,519 in 6 safelists.

    I don’t want to waste them on an ad that doesn’t pull. Yet, you don’t know if it will pull until you put it out there and test it. You can’t refine what isn’t done and tested.

    Happy weekend!!

  22. Hi Richard and Everyone!

    Here’s the report for the 23rd day of my 30-day TE Challenge:

    Surfed: 352 at 5 TEs

    Views Today: 1040
    Views this Week: 10,647
    Views this month: 25,219

    Subscribers this week: 1
    Subscribers this month: 3

    Products sold: 0 (I’m holding a place for sales. Soon I’ll have a number to go there!)

    # of Safelists used: 7
    # of emails sent: 35,282

    Richard, I’m sending you a PM at OBA.

    Happy Halloween, Everyone! 🙂

  23. OK Richard, here it goes. Starting 15 Nov I will begin my challenge. My starting point will be at least 100 clicks at at least the top 5 exchanges at TrafficHoopla.

    I have identified 5 of 7 mailers in ViralMailProfits to email to, and will find two additional to fill all slots.

    I will track my results by posting my activity/results at the blog on my website.

    I’m sure over the next 30-days these goals will increase my effectiveness. I’m psyched; let’s go!

  24. Great to hear it Reg……….We all have to start some where. I am glad to see you are joining us in this challenge. Please keep us updated here when you can, readers will have access to seeing your post by clicking on your name above the little pic icon in your comments here. So I would suggest posting your comments in the newest post, and always including the link directly leading to your update post for your challenge. This will also give you some back links to your site.

    Looking forward to your success and daily journey. I am proud of you my friend for taking on this journey and challenging yourself.

    I will help out in any way I can..

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

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