Organizing Your Traffic Exchange Marketing

This Is Not A Race, Mastering The Steps And Getting Organized Will Actually Speed Up Your Success Rate

I try to stress the importance of getting organized in my blog here, it will help you to remain focused and stay away from information overload.

Make sure as you complete the steps, you write everything down for all sites you have joined.

1.Site name

2.Log in, user name and email used

3.Password and your
Program I.d, this is located at the end of your referral url for any of the sites

Make sure you bookmark your most frequently used programs, I do this as I join and create a category that I group them in.

Here is an example on how I bookmark things in my web browser

I actually use
Crazy Browser is a Free powerful Web browser. It provides many features that make surfing traffic exchanges much faster and less confusing. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. This Web browser also has a Smart Pop-up Blocker – it blocks all the annoying pop-ups automatically!
You will surf traffic exchanges a lot faster and smoother, more credits less effort. Just go to the site and download it for free. After you have it downloaded and running, just open up ten or so of your favorite traffic exchanges and save them as a group, keep doing that until all of your traffic exchanges are in groups. Then when you want to surf you just open up that group and it automatically opens up all your traffic exchanges for that group at once. Watch how fast you can surf by hitting f3 on your keyboard (moves you from tab to tab) and one hand on the mouse, you will never go back…….to your old browser.

Here is another example for those of you who wont download crazybrowser,
Create folders in your bookmarks tab in your browser, then bookmark ten of the traffic exchanges in one folder, then bookmark ten more in the next folder and so on until you have all 40 traffic exchanges bookmarked in, 4 folders, 10 each.
Then you can set daily task based on your bookmarks, like this

Do this today, every day, 7-days a week, if possible.

1st bookmark Section: 1st day

Surf all for 100 credits each.
Group surf using a multi-tab browser, all 10 at one-time, or 6 or 7, or what ever you can at one time

2nd bookmark section : 2nd day

Surf all for 100 credits each.
Group surf using a multi-tab browser, all 10 at one-time, or 6 or 7, or what ever you can at one time

3rd bookmark Section: 3rd day

Surf all for 100 credits each.
Group surf using a multi-tab browser, all 10 at one-time, or 6 or 7, or what ever you can at one time

4th bookmark: section: 4th day

Surf all for 100 credits each.
Group surf using a multi-tab browser, all 10 at one-time, or 6 or 7, or what ever you can at one time.

Then repeat process, traffic exchanges are the life blood to this system

Surf everyday first even if you are upgraded in a few exchanges, this will help get the ball rolling faster, dont let off the pedal just because you have upgraded, that will just slow you down. Surf before anything else, you need to build up your traffic credits to your sites.

The three TEs that I would look to upgrade to ASAP (if Money Permits) would be TrafficSplash an TrafficWitch, whirlwindtraffic, then one at a time as money allows upgrade in the rest of them that are in the back office of TE Profits, because these are the main ones the system is going to refer members to for you, that will mean bigger commissions as an upgraded member, and more traffic. I also periodically buy traffic from other exchanges when they have it really cheap, like 2000 visitors for 9.99. But concentrate on upgrading in the exchanges listed in your Tep back office first.

Also go to if you havn’t all ready joined. This is a great tool. join, fill in your three ads you can list with your pageswirl rotator as the target url. put the toolbar in your browser, steps are provided. As much as we surf the internet you will rack up thousands of daily credits that will show your links in the toolbar to others doing nothing more than surfing, what we do daily. I get hundreds of hits to my urls daily because of doing this simple step. Once you have the bar in place their is a spot in it where you might have to put your i.d. in it to start it showing text ads. The number looks like mine above. You have to login every once in a while to assign your credits to your ad. The key is making every single step work for you. This is why every single step in this system is important as well as every program, they will all tie in to create more traffic.

Once you have the above information and process going, email me right away
and let me know how you are doing, I am here to help you.

When you have time after your all done doing your daily surfing, every once in a while come back to this blog And read the steps one at a time, and dont move on until you have mastered that step. To much information will just make you confused when it is really simple. Ignore other advertising, other businesses it will just confuse you. This system works and it works better than anything else out there. You are part of a business you will begin to feel proud of that you are in, because it is not hype and it really WORKS!

With any good thing it takes a little time, any site that tells you, that you can rich overnight is full of crap. That is why you have to put the blinders on and stay focused, to many of us have the “lottery” mentality or are hurting so bad we need thousands NOW! Unfortunately 95% of the money making schemes on the internet prey on people like this.

Hope this helps, let me know how you are doing.
To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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