These 15 very SMART people, made a extremely Wise decision, in the last 24 hours!!

Congratulations to Sonia Lee, Kevin Bradley Harmoning, Rebecca Mardis, Jennifer Hardison, Lauren Adams, Charles White, Deb Kangas, Klaus Odermatt, BAKHSHI ALI MUHAMMAD ALAMGIR, Maria Jovoalakito, Michael Galarneau, George Chalmers, Martin Continue Reading →

Thank you Seely Clark, and Paul Yeager, you two were both awesome last night!!

Yes, we had a epic webinar last night, it has already been watched over 4200 times, in less then 18 hours! This video is a replay of a live facebook Continue Reading →

What choices are you making..?

I am still amazed at the stuff I see people do online, even after doing this stuff for over 14 years.. 87% of all the people who try to do Continue Reading →

We’re offering an exclusive NLS Ruby reward for our personal team members

We’re offering an exclusive reward to anyone in our personal Now LifeStyle downline… We decided after our Ruby Dance that we should reward ONE of you… With a very special Continue Reading →

Why am “I” not motivated..ever ask your self that question?

Because you are not feeding your brain, literally… You do not believe you can..Your “Why’s” are not ingrained in you… We see many people come online, some with a huge Continue Reading →

You are on the winning Team!

Or are you…? ​We always win period, our team members always win! Always, every time.. The only way to fail is to quit.. There is only one way to describe Continue Reading →