Really, A “No-Work” Traffic Tool That Works

I have been using this tool for a while now–Garland Coulson’s Free Traffic Bar, and it really is a “No-Work” Traffic Tool………..and I have never had problems with it doing anything weird. I just installed it and went on with my normal activities. I have tracked the traffic I have received from it, and have had several new subscribers added to my list because of it.

It is a totally win situation for anybody who uses it…….of course I recommend using it to build your list.

Just by adding this little toolbar to my browser, I immediately started getting free traffic every day, just for being on the web. And it not only gave me free traffic for my own browsing, as I started inviting others, I ended up with a flood of free advertising from the browsing and recruiting activities of my downline.

Go to if you havn’t all ready joined. This is a great tool and it is free, join, fill in your three ads, that you can list as a free member, with your TEP splash or squeeze pages as the target url(for those of you that are following the steps on the right hand side). Put the toolbar in your browser, steps are provided.

As much as we surf the internet you will rack up thousands of daily credits that will show your links in the toolbar to others doing nothing more than surfing, what we do daily. I get hundreds of hits to my urls daily because of doing this simple step. Once you have the bar in place there is a spot in it where you might have to put your i.d. in it to start it showing text ads. The number looks like mine above on the end of my referral url. You have to login every once in a while to assign your credits to your ads. The key is making every single step work for you. This is why every single step in this system is important as well as every program, they will all tie in together to create more traffic and commissions, without doing extra work.

Check it out here and get 1,000 free ads.

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