Simple And Effective PureLeverage And Empower Network Downline Builders

Simple And Effective  PureLeverage And Empower Network Downline Builders


YourEightSteps has two major income programs in our system steps, PureLeverage And Empower Network, both are in our downline builders and in parts of our system steps we use. They are both major tools we use to expand and grow our business. PureLeverage and Empower Network are both growing at lightning speed, and are building income for affiliates faster and bigger than ever. Using both these two programs one can take a 2 to 5 year income plan, and turn it into a 4 to 6 month plan.


Using effective downline builders that are part of a system are the most effective ways to grow Pureleverage and Empower Network downlines and create huge income very quickly. The reason is, the programs are part of the overall system and we teach people how to use them, so they are ten times more likely to join and use them, when they know more of what they are all about. Making use of down line builders should be part of any internet marketers over all strategy, they leverage your efforts and speed up your results.


Pureleverage and Empower Network have the two best pay plans in the industry and have scaled up products that increase your income with out any further effort on your part. Here is an example in this video below of what I am talking about. Most people do not understand this who are marketing online, and are always left wondering why they make so little money.






Does Earning $100 A Day Online Seem Impossible To you?

Its Only The Numbers That Doesn’t Add Up…
Well, Can you just Hear Me For A Minute? For most of you this is impossible, not because you can not achieve this, but because you are not either creating enough traffic, and or you are only promoting free programs or products, or programs or products that have less than 20.00 in commissions per sale or upgrade…
Here is an example, let say you promoted xyz program or product that pays you a $6.00 commission per sale or upgrade. So now in a month you would need 100 people to buy your product or upgrade in your program you are promoting to earn $600.00 a month in commissions.. Now stay with me, how hard has it been for YOU so far to get a 100 sales or upgrades in a month?? Okay, even if you were getting paid a $10.00 commission per sale or upgrade, you still would need 100 people to earn a paltry $1000.00 per month.
Now if this was residual income, meaning a monthly payment, you could build to a decent amount of money each month, except for the average person only gets two to three referrals or sales monthly, so if average has been you, what do you think your chances are of making $1000 a month any time soon is? Especially when 80 percent of all internet marketers quit before they make any money, and another 10 percent quit because they are making so little and they do not find it worth their effort???
This is why it takes most internet marketers YEARS, and I am talking YEARS to make any real money online (well the ones that make it), and why programs like Empower Network and PureLeverage are paying out millions of dollars to their affiliates long before other programs ever pay out $100,000.. It does not take long to realize, that free or little commissions does not pay, use that money to put back in your business to grow it.
You better be promoting programs or products somewhere in your system or downline builders that have value and pay bigger commissions, you can turn a 5 to 10 year plan into a 4 to 6 month plan with programs like Empower Network and PurLeverage…Which plan would you prefer??????? I would much rather have 2 to 3 sales or upgrades in a month with the pay plans of EmpowerNetwork or PureLeverage any day over a program that paid out 10.00 Commissions…Math and the averages online do not lie…I still sell or promote products and programs with the smaller commissions, but that money is used to build the much larger commissions.
And…Are you ready for this?
It takes just as much effort and resources to build programs or sell products that have $10 commissions as it does to build programs or sell products that have $100 commissions…. I use to think selling cheap programs or products, would mean more people would upgrade or buy..I learned the hard way through experience that this is not true. When there is more value placed on what you do, this also equates to more commitment! So if you are looking for more down line to do something once they join, give them a program with real value and they will treat it more like a real business they have to put effort in..
This is why me and my partner created YourEightSteps and included PureLeverage and Empower Network in the system steps and in the downline builders. Your Eight Steps builds downlines in GVO, Pure Leverage, Empower Network, Traffic Exchanges, Skadoogle, Safelists and much more! Your Eight Steps is a professional traffic exchange and internet marketing system, that includes powerful splash pages, opt-in pages, follow up email letters and more to easily build your list and generate highly targeted leads for your business with traffic exchanges, safelists and other free traffic sources.
Finally A Step By Step System Designed To Build
YOU Residual Traffic And
Commissions! Insider Knowledge to the right
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