Special offer for my subscribers!

Thank you for being one of my loyal subscribers or readers
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I would like to talk to you about something that
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The Online Ad Network offers you unlimited banner
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My partner in Your Eight Steps, Brenda de Reus is one of the top income earners
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I have been a member of The Online Ad
Network in her team for over 1 year now, but have not
promoted it tell recently, I was only using the advertising.

But that is going to

We are going to launch our new downline builder
in the next few days. The Online Ad Network will
be in it, along with leased ad space, 4 corners, and I am going
to unleash all my advertising power on this.

I want to give you, as a subscriber, the first
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I will be hitting this hard! There will be spill
over for anyone on my first few levels. And if you
look at the compensation plan, you will notice that
you will earn on all people in your downline, even
if your upline sponsored them!

You even earn cash bonuses if you have 3 or more
levels completely filled. You only need 1 personally
sponsored member in your downline to claim these
cash bonuses!

And you will never have to request pay out,
because you will get paid automatically every time
your account balance reaches $20. Like clockwork!

Does it get better? YES! Because if you join, you
get the first 15 days for only $1 if you pay with
Payza, SolidTrust Pay or PayPal (The Online Ad
Network is one of very few matrix programs left still using
PayPal), after that it is only $19.95 per month
and you can cancel any time.

No risk, only benefits!

So don’t delay, join today!

P.S. I made this video for you, to show you how to set up this traffic,
in your Online Ad Network Account.

To our success,
Time to get a rock’in my friends!

Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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