Do you like sucking at internet marketing?

Tweet I know I hated every minute of it, my first 2 and a half years doing internet marketing, I sucked badly! But I must have secretly liked it, because Continue Reading →

Why my first 2 + years absolutely sucked, I made nothing!

Tweet Well, to be honest, I tried to do it my own way.. Every piece of information I found online told me to build my email list..I did not listen. Continue Reading →

Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

Tweet If the pages you are promoting in traffic exchanges and safelist do not have YOUR opt-in forms on them ……….DITCH THEM, Unless Your The Owner Of  The Program!   Continue Reading →

Why Is Stacking Your Income So Important In Online Marketing?

Tweet How Do You Make The Most amount of money in the least amount of time……………with the least amount of effort? This is the first question you should be asking Continue Reading →