TE Profits And The 10K Team Have Officially Joined Forces

Just a quick post, very exciting!

Te Profits officially added the 10k team to the referral builder in TE Profits today, this is very cool…….and a great addition that ads an excellent marketing duo.

The great thing about TEP and the 10K Team is that there are endless ways to promote. Since both the sites focus on the same core programs and also each site builds the other site on the back end, you will definitely want to be a member of both. The 10k team run by Jason Wise has a relatively new forum that you will seriously want to take part in, you will not want to miss the marketing information being put out there…….this is your ticket. Experienced successful marketers sharing their knowledge for free……

Read more about the 10k team, click here

If you are a member of the TEP marketing system, just log in to your back office and click on the referral builder tab and you can join from there. Do not forget to register in the 10k forum and we will see you on the inside.

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Richard Weberg

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