TE Profits Update Fast Easy Traffic Exchanges and Awesome TEP Addition!

You could probably guess that I am a big fan of Scott Douglas
and his program TE Profits. Scott has just added Fast Easy Traffic Exchanges

a TE from

Kinder-Rash Marketing (KRM) includes some
amazing programming minds like Tim Rash and Troy Wray.

Well, Tim has an established Traffic Exchanges called Fast Easy Traffic that
has been key in Commando Surf at TE Command Post for
a few years. And today it got a huge make-over!!

New design, new script, new features…

Same awesome management and active membership.

One of the reasons I’m excited, in addition to moving to a
new script and surfing platform, is a UNIQUE new feature
that will keep people glued to your page rather than having
them tab to another Traffic Exchanges just surfing for credits.

It’s called “Extended Exposure Ads” and it means you’ll have
other surfers actually LOOKING at your web page rather than
quick-tab-surfing past it!


Extended Exposure Ads works where, you can set your site to only give out credits if the

viewer is there for the full 8 seconds. If they tab surf or start watching a movie they won’t get

credits. But Wait there is a twist.. If you turn this setting on and a member views the your site

and tabs out, when they come back it’ll ask them if they want to wait the whole 8 seconds for

triple the credits.

With this new script, Fast Easy Traffic will have the powerful
features of the script that also powers Tezak Traffic Power
(another favorite) plus the new and unique exposure ads.

OK. I’m not much on hype, but you know what to do.

Scott Douglas has added Fast Easy Traffic to our TE Profits Referral Builder to help
build YOUR downlines and traffic.

Log into your TE Profits account here or Join if have not yet.:


Click on Referral Builder on the main menu.

Scroll down to Fast Easy Traffic.

Join if you’re not a member already, then enter your affiliate
link into the referral builder.

Finally, spend some time poking around in the new control
panel of Fast Easy Traffic. It’s got too many good features to
mention in this short post. You need to see for yourself.

Over 32,000 internet marketers have already
discovered this secret traffic source which means
your visitors are as targeted as it gets.

Faster… Easier… Better!



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