Thank you Seely Clark, and Paul Yeager, you two were both awesome last night!!

Yes, we had a epic webinar last night, it has
already been watched over 4200 times, in less then
18 hours!

This video is a replay of a live facebook feed we did. The video once you hit play will be muted,You will hover your mouse cursor over the bottom of the video, then click on the little volume control in the right hand bottom corner of the video to turn the sound on.

Thank you to Seely Clark and Paul Yeager for
coming on with us, and sharing, we really
appreciate it!

We also recognized a ton of people, that are
rocking it, congrats again to all of you, sorry if
we did not read your name off last night, there
are over 14 pages filled of people making money
that are on the leader board of Now LifeStyle, it
is incredible the results people are getting..

Me and John have already crossed over the Ruby
level the beginning of last month and are rocking
it, and so is our team!

We did something fun, in a video you can see here:

2018 will be a MASSIVE year for Now LifeStyle, and
our team, and can not wait, to see your success,
this is something we cherish is seeing other
peoples names in lights, and reaching their goals
and dreams. This is why we thought it was a great
idea last night, to recognize a bunch of you, and
call out your names during the webinar..Your
success is our success!

Love you all!
Happy Holidays
Richard And John Weberg

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